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Giveaway: My Biotiful Bag

ashlee piper vegan my biotiful bag the little foxes giveaway cruelty free fashion

The French. They’re pretty much more chic than we are in every. single. way. Don’t believe me? Watch a Godard film where even the poorest of characters look like a million bucks in a dingy trench coat and flats, or marvel at how even elderly French women command attention and have such presence with something as simple as a loosely knotted scarf. The Parisian aesthetic is notoriously understated, enduring, and something we all try to get our hands on –  a little like today’s giveaway.

My Biotiful Bag

Image my glee when My Biotiful Bag reached out to me. Sleek, simple, endlessly functional designs from France that are also vegan, eco-friendly, and affordable. C’est bon! They’ve got all the basics covered with easy-breezy totes for hitting up the farmer’s market, gym bags that double as overnight bags, a weekender that is perfect for jet-setters and new parents alike, darling clutches, cute cross bodies, and the two bags I’m giving away today.

You heard that right, kids – two bags. That means we will have two winners! Double your pleasure, double your fun, right?

ashlee piper vegan my biotiful bag the little foxes giveaway cruelty free fashion

Make a French Connection

MBB doesn’t just talk the eco-talk – they walk it. All bags are intentionally vegan (I think this is an important distinction to make) and made from:

  • RPET – Recycled Poly Ethylene Terephthalete – Recycled plastic bottles are transformed into small plastic particles and create a less pollutive, light and waterproof material, similar to nylon.
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • Non-Toxic Dyes – Anti-allergenic and anti-carcinogenic and which are obtained from natural sources such as roots, minerals, and vegetables.

Oh, and everything’s really freaking cute (like, no lie).

ashlee piper vegan my biotiful bag the little foxes giveaway cruelty free fashion

ashlee piper vegan my biotiful bag the little foxes giveaway cruelty free fashion

The Giveaway

There’s a lot to fall in love with with this line, but I especially love this handy and oh-so-simple-it’s-indispensable knapsack. Roomy, durable canvas made from recycled plastic bottles, chic drawstring and buckle, patch pockets for stashing little secrets, and a look that’s timeless. I’m giving one away in classic navy as seen here. Can’t you see yourself biking around town with this cutie on your back?

ashlee piper vegan my biotiful bag the little foxes giveaway cruelty free fashion

For the workaholics and technologically-inclined among us, this large laptop case is a dream. Decidedly Jack Spade-esque but with an eco-friendly spin. I selected the dark black with tan trim because it’s classic as hell and perfectly unisex. So, gents, jump on this giveaway, too. ]

ashlee piper vegan my biotiful bag the little foxes giveaway cruelty free fashion


Enter here to win! The first winner will select the back of his/her choice and the second winner will receive the remaining bag (both are hawt, so it’s a win-win). Only open to US entrants, but fear not, my international pals, I have giveaways coming for you that will ship your way (it’s also extra helpful if you leave a nice comment letting me know from where you hail, so I have a sense of folks who see these giveaways, but aren’t able to access them).

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Giveaway: Miakoda Apparel


ashlee piper vegan miakoda fashion cruelty free style blogger

Welcome to a New Era of Foxiness

Hi there, friends. By now, if you’ve visited before, you’re probably like: “Hey, this looks a little different.” Yup, we got a much-needed makeover and I am loving it, and I sincerely hope you are, too. If you’re new to the site, welcome! I blog about vegan and cruelty-free food, fashion, and beauty, and we have a lot of fun up in this club.

Meet Miakoda

If you’re in to green or eco-fashion, then you’re probably familiar with MIAKODA, the incredible company that ticks all of the boxes of conscious and stylish apparel and accessories. Here’s what Miakoda is in a nutshell:

  • Animal-friendly – Everything is intentionally vegan and entirely cruelty-free, and PETA-Approved
  • Ethically made in the USA – Heck yes, and you can feel the quality
  • Handmade – Each piece is lovingly handmade and it shows
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable – Earth-loving materials, dyes, and processes mean these garments are gentle on the planet
  • Organic – Much of the Miakoda line is organic
  • Body loving and enduring – The designs are flattering, forgiving, live-in pieces that you’ll have for seasons to come

On a personal note, creator Julia is one of the kindest people on the planet. She embodies that gentle, yet strong spirit that makes you instantly feel at ease. She’s generous, visionary, and all-around someone you want to support as she continues to build a business we can all feel incredible about.

The Many Looks of MIAKODA

I’ve long used MIAKODA pieces in television fashion segments because the clothes just look so effortless, chic, and accessible. I mean, I live in the leggings (seriously – like, I’ll wear them to work, yoga, and then to sleep, which I recognize is a little bit disconcerting…). Take a peek and prepare to fall in love.

ashlee piper vegan miakoda fashion cruelty free style blogger

ashlee piper vegan miakoda fashion cruelty free style blogger

ashlee piper vegan miakoda fashion cruelty free style blogger

The Little Foxes’ Miakoda Giveaway

MIAKODA is kindly offering one lucky winner a tank of his/her choice (a $20 – $78 value USD). These tanks are organic, feature MIAKODA’s exclusive prints, and are made in the USA. Open to USA entrants only, please.

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Giveaway: The Underground Chic Vegan Kelly Bag

Let’s just cut to the chase and get to the buzz words you really came here for: Vegan. Kelly. Bag. You heard right, bitches. There are a lot of remarkable, fantastic, gorgeous vegan handbag companies out there – and I love them all. So, I’m always excited to learn of more intentionally vegan companies who design with eco-awareness.

The Underground Chic sent me one of their supple, super practical Ginny Bags in Nautical Blue (an electrifying, mood-lifting cobalt), and not only has it been glued to my hip (or on my arm) since, but it’s garnered lots of compliments. Here’s what you need to know about The Underground Chic: Classic styling, juicy colors, and eco-minded construction. At first glance, the bags look like real leather with metal hardware; however upon closer examination, you will see that the 100% RPET (polyester made from recycled plastic bottles) handbags have a crisp photo printed image that fools from afar for a fun twist on a classic Hermes style. The benefit of this? Cool design that’s lightweight. Can I get an “amen” from our weary shoulders? Lots of compartments and room enough for your laptop, tablet, and gym accessories mean that this bright and functional bag can take you from work to pilates to drinks effortlessly.


In addition to being made from recycled PET, The Underground Chic also partners with Trees for the Future, so that every bag sold results in a tree planet. Woot!

I’m excited to partner with The Underground Chic to do offer a coupon code especially for TLF readers. Use code “THELITTLEFOXES” to get 20% off your purchase.

Win this bag before it hits their store!

Win this bag before it hits their store!

Moreover, one lucky sucker will win a cross body Kelly-style bag (note: this is a different, smaller style than the one I have) so new it has yet to hit their site (retail value $40) in your choice of rocking color. I do some pretty rad giveaways, but this one may be one of the best yet. I mean, who doesn’t want a bold bag for spring and summer? Exactly.

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Giveaway: The Good Home Co.

For many, being vegan isn’s just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. And part of everyone’s (at least, I hope) lifestyle is maintaining a healthy home. Whether you’re aspiring to bring greener products in to your home (for yourself, your little ones, or your critters),  you’re looking to lessen your environmental footprint, or you want to ensure that your home is cleaned with kind (aka: not tested on animals and no cruddy animal byproducts) and natural ingredients, this giveaway has you covered.


The Good Home Co. has been making highly effective, super conscientious home care products since 1995. All free from sulfates, parabens, phosphates, phthalates, animal ingredients, and animal testing, the entire line of products is also biodegradable and comes in a tremendous range of  custom-blended scents, all of which are insanely yummy.

The Good Home Co. sent me a sampling of their products, and I gotta tell ya, I was majorly impressed. The very laundry detergent and softener you can enter to win today is part of what they sent me, in a custom scent of my choosing. I selected Marrakech, because I am a lover of all things spicy and exotic (cue Waris Ahluwalia reference…). Upon first use, my laundry smelled amazing and was super-soft and fluffy. While I loathe doing dishes, I adore doing laundry (if I’m staying somewhere with a laundry room, that is), and these goodies made a common chore like an aromatherapeutic experience.

I also had the pleasure of trying the Glass and Surface Cleaner in Beach Days. Gorgeous scent and awesome performance. After a busy day of cooking up recipes, this cut through grease, flour, and general grime to reveal a gleaming and softly scented countertop (perhaps the only time you will ever hear that sentence). I also have been using the Reed Diffuser in Lavender to scent my closet, and the results are great. Unlike many reed diffusers, the scent lingers, but is not cloying, nor artificial smelling.


Fun fact:  When I was younger, I had horrible migraines. Like, so debilitating you miss days of your life migraines. Once I switched over to natural products and especially natural scents, my migraines seriously subsided. If you’re huffing Glade Plug Ins and Tide, you’re basically surrounding yourself, your kiddos, and your pets with harmful, sick-inducing chemicals. And who wants that?

Come over to the bright side and enter this giveaway to get your own custom The Good Home Co. experience. With scents like Warm Sandalwood, Anjou, and Spiced Apple Cider, even your laundry can be unique to you. Open to US entrants only.

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** This is a sponsored post.

Giveaway: Aromi Liquid Lipsticks

If you’re anything like me, you love a solid, red lip. But, if your beauty standards are both vegan and cruelty-free (as they should be, loves), the road to a vampy crimson lip can be riddled with despair and carmine. Enter Aromi Beauty. I met the darling Hannah, Aromi’s founder, at a Chicago craft fair last year and immediately knew we were soul mates. Perhaps it’s because we’re both blonde and bespectacled (as some of the best women are).

Exhibit A: Separated at birth.aromitlf

Perhaps it’s because she was manning the cutest booth in the place. Perhaps it’s because when I said I’m a cruelty-free, vegan blogger, she and I practically wept, embraced, and became non-sexual life partners. Sometimes people just get you.

ashlee piper the little foxes aroma giveaway vegan beauty style

Get to Know Aromi

So, why is Aromi so special? For one – performance. Aromi’s liquid lipsticks are by far the best indelible lip colors I’ve ever used IN MY LIFE. And when I like a product, oh dear Jeebus, I hold on to it, I pimp it out, I tell the world about it. I’ve raved about these lip colors on Refinery29, I shamelessly promoted them to sweet, sweet Mayim Bialik when I interviewed her this week, and much like a manic street preacher (isn’t that a band?), I talk these up to pretty much anyone else who will listen. And the listening happens easily because every single time I wear Aromi liquid lipstick, people ask me what I’m wearing and OMG how can they get some?


These are not for the meek. These colors are big and bright and bold. Heavily pigmented in the best way possible, these lip colors are a pinup’s dream. My favorites? Preppy Red is my go-to for a wildly sexy red lip, while Rich Rosewood is the perfectly mysterious color that makes your lips look like two velvety berry rose petals. Oh, and the Electric Orchid? Totally wearable color of the season.

Here’s a pic of me (the pale apparition in the middle, kids) wearing Preppy Red on a rare night at a club (when Miley Cyrus showed up). Just gaze at it and behold the hypnotic, vampifying powers of the Aromi:

ashlee piper the little foxes aroma giveaway vegan beauty style

Unlike a lot of long-wearing lip creams, these are actually comfortable and reliable. Comfy meaning that your lips won’t feel like a desert. Reliable meaning that it won’t ball up on you (you just have to apply on very dry lips) and leave creepy stuff on your teeth during that hot date.

aromi giveaway 5

Aromi makes other incredible products, too. The lipsticks are creamy, heavenly goodness. The perfumes smell awesome. The eyeshadows are mineral-based and bold. The packaging is really pretty and worth gazing at for hours.

The Little Foxes’ Aromi Giveaway

I know you’re going to love Aromi’s stuff and basically become obsessed. To help form your healthy relationship (totally codependent) with some of the best lippies out there, I present to you, a giveaway that will rock your socks. One lucky sucker will win FOUR liquid lipsticks. In any choice of colors. Um, that’s $68 worth of lip looks, people. Why does this matter? Because a bitch has gotta mix it up. Enter now, tell your friends, and make it happen.

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