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Giveaway: EMBODY Beauty

Happy Summer, lovelies! Few things make me happier than letting folks know about my latest obsessions. And now that the weather has warmed, it’s time to unveil an online store that’s so gorgeously and thoughtfully cultivated, I can hardly stand it. Oh, and there’s a (really, really freaking amazing) giveaway, too, because this is The Little Foxes and that’s just how we do.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

Get to Know EMBODY

A little while ago, a friend (Laurie over at 312Beauty) said, “You’ve gotta meet Samjhana from EMBODY; She’s so lovely and gorgeous.” A phone call later, it was official. Samjhana (pictured below – hi, blessed by the gene pool to the extreme!) is really one of the sweetest, kindest, coolest gals you’ll ever meet. And yes, she’s gorgeous (duh).

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

And what’s more, she really knows her stuff when it comes to luxury green beauty. Just take a peek at what you won’t find on EMBODY:

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

While the site isn’t entirely vegan, all products are completely cruelty-free and there are TONS of vegan options. Here’s a snap of my vegan haul from EMBODY.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

Plus, Samjhana shares her favorites and regularly blogs about everything from the perfect lipstick to how she gets her hair so damn glam.

EMBODY Vegan Beauty Giveaway

I’ve done a lot of giveaways in my time here, and I’ve gotta say, if you’re a green beauty lover, this one is the MOTHERLODE. Over $150 of the best luxury green beauty. We’re talkin’ full-size, premiere products hand-selected by Samjhana for their ethics (all are vegan) and performance (all are gonna kick your beauty issues’ asses). If you’ve been wanting to try these goodies out, now’s the time to mosey over to EMBODY (be sure to follow them on social, too!) and treat yo’self.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

PATYKA Absolis Precious Woods Body Wash – A warm and enveloping invitation to the gentle rocking of revitalizing waters. Guaiacum Wood and Himalayan Cedarwood essences blend to heal and detox the skin. While purifying Raspberry water and aphrodisiac Cardamom restore inner strength to the mind and body. Blogger’s Note: THIS SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

Odacite Jojoba Beads Exfoliant – Lusciously creamy cleanser that gently refines skin texture with soft, exfoliating Jojoba beads. Revives each cell with nourishing Aloe Vera and organic oils to unveil softer, healthier skin. Blogger’s Note: Gently scrub into dry skin for a more intense exfoliation.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

Kahina Organic Argan Oil – The essential building blocks of glowing skin. Argan oil in its purest form, hand-cracked by the Berber women’s co-op of Morocco and cold pressed to preserve every ounce of its vitamin E packed nutrients. Blogger’s Note: This. On everything.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

INIKA Light Reflect Highlighting Creme – A kiss of warm radiance that captures glistening light onto the skin and instantly brightens and defines. The soft, pearlescent finish blends seamlessly, imparting an alluring glow. Blogger’s Note: Summer angel look right here.

Embody Giveaway The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Samjhana Shrestha Cruelty Free Vegan

Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover – An award winning remover mindfully formulated to erase traces of polish while nourishing the skin. Blogger’s Note: You’ll never go back to that harsh, smelly stuff after this.

Enter the EMBODY Giveaway

Enter below to win all this goodness and be sure to check out EMBODY and show Samjhana some love! Open to U.S. Entrants only. You can also get extra entries by sharing our giveaway image via Instagram!

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Giveaway: Vickerey’s Matt and Nat Wallet

When I was just dipping a toe into conscious shopping back in the day, I remember thinking, “Dang, this stuff looks crunchy – Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an online store where I could get a bunch of kick ass, vegan, mindfully-sourced stuff that is also hip and chic?” I spent years searching, much like wading through a sea of unfortunate dates. And then, like meeting the bespectacled, gainfully employed, vegetarian dude of my dreams, THIS happened.

Ashlee piper vickerey matt and nat vegan giveaway

Get to Know Vickerey

It’s as if the online shopping gods heard my cries, because when I found Vickerey, it was like I’d found the only shop a bitch would need. Thoughtfully-curated, entirely cruelty-free and eco-friendly (with lots of Made in the USA stuff, to boot), and chic as hell, Vickerey has stuff for ladies, gents, kiddos, home and office, and oodles in between.

Let’s Talk Brands

I know the terms “chic” and “curated” are overused to the max. Allow me to elaborate by dropping some brands and then back my claims up with some visuals of my favorite picks from Vickerey.

Vickerey carries fabulous brands like:

  • Herbivore Botanicals – Natural, cruelty-free, vegan skincare to die for
  • Prairie Underground – Made in the USA, eco-friendly clothing
  • Amour Vert – Eco-friendly, super soft clothing
  • Emerson Fry and Fidelity Jeans – Eco-vegan denim
  • Olympia – High-style workout gear with an edge (See below – seriously, so foxy)
Ashlee piper vickerey matt and nat vegan giveaway

Yes, this is a sports bra. And it’s ridiculously rad looking.

My Vickerey Favorites

[ derp ]

Ashlee piper vickerey matt and nat vegan giveaway

Why Vickerey Flipping Rules

In addition to being a beautiful and easy website to navigate, Vickerey is flipping genius because they provide already styled looks via their Lookbooks (for women and men !!!), which you can shop directly from. Perfect for folks who need some outfit inspiration. Check it:

Ashlee piper vickerey matt and nat vegan giveaway

A Discount & A Giveaway

Hot AF, right? Right. Vickerey is so rad in so many ways. Firstly, they’re offering all my readers a 15% Discount when you use the code FOXY15, so mosey over to their site and def jump on that.

Ashlee piper vickerey matt and nat vegan giveaway


Secondly, they’re giving away one of my favorite picks from the site, this super-sleek Matt & Nat Motiv Wallet in Pewter. I have this same wallet and absolutely adore it. Perfectly streamlined and functional, while being beautiful as all get out. Open to US entrants only, please. Coupon code can be used by anyone, though! Enjoy!

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Recipe: Pan-Fried Avocado Tacos with Pickled Onions

Man oh man. How long has it been since I’ve posted a recipe? Well, it’s been a minute, largely because my day job requires such a volume of recipe creation (and testing and editing), that when it comes time to tend to my own garden of blogging, I have food fatigue. That said, sometimes a recipe comes along that is too lovely not to share. And what’s more, if you really dig this, but hate the grocery store, you can order directly from Home Chef and make it at home. Wheeee!

vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

Avocado Tacos, the Keanu Reeves of Food

This is no overstatement, people. If you know me, you know that Keanu Reeves is the apex of my male dreaminess scale. Sure, he’s not the greatest of actors (however, I will say that the Lake House was a solid film), but he is the smoothest, sweetest, loveliest of gents and to equate these tacos to him is pretty much saying they’re rad. A little crispy, a little creamy, nestled into flour tortillas and topped with flash pickled onions and a cool Mexicali Slaw, these tacos are easy to whip up and go remarkably well with good friends, margaritas, cold beers, and a new wave playlist on a lovely afternoon.

vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

Pan-Fried Avocado Tacos with Pickled Onions

  • Makes 2-3 Servings
  • Prep Time: 35 Minutes


  1. Garlic Powder (1/2 Tsp.)
  2. Cilantro Sprigs (3)
  3. Slaw Mix (6 Oz, or about 2.5 Cups)
  4. Sugar (2.5 Oz)
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar (6 Oz)
  6. Panko Breadcrumbs (1 Cup)
  7. Red Onion (1)
  8. Vegan Goddess Dressing, Annie’s (1/4 Cup)
  9. Flour Tortillas, Medium-Sized (6)
  10. Avocado (2) ** This recipe works well with not-quite-ripe avocados, but any avocado that’s ripe, but still firm will work great.


vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

Prep the Vegetables + Make the Slaw: Rinse the cilantro sprigs and remove the leaves from the stems. Peel and julienne the red onion. Halve the avocados, remove the pits, and slice into long, ½-inch thick slices. In a clean mixing bowl, toss the slaw mix and Goddess dressing together. Salt and pepper to taste. Place in refrigerator to chill before serving.

vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

Flash-Pickle the Onions: In a medium-sized pot, bring apple cider vinegar, ¾ cups water, sugar, and 2 Tsp. salt to a boil. When liquid comes to a boil, add onions and let boil for 1 minute. Remove pot from heat and let cool. A few ice cubes will help cool the pickled onions quickly. This technique is called “flash pickling,” and it’s an easy way to lend slow-pickled flavor in a flash!

vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

Bread the Avocados: Mix the panko, garlic powder, and a dash of salt together in a shallow bowl. In a separate bowl, place 2 Tbsp. olive oil. Have a clean plate handy to put the coated avocado slices. First, dip the avocado slice in the olive oil, lightly coating. Then place the avocado slice in the panko, covering it and pressing the panko lightly into the avocado ensuring avocado slices are covered all around with the panko. Repeat for all avocado slices.

vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

Fry the Avocados: Warm 2 Tbsp. olive oil in a high-sided skillet over medium heat. Once warm, add the coated avocado slices. Cook for 5-6 minutes on each side, or until panko becomes browned and crisp. Place on a paper towel-lined plate to soak up any additional oil. We recommend working in 2 batches so avocado slices have enough room to fry.

Warm the Tortillas: Prepare tortillas by covering with slightly moistened paper towels and placing in microwave for 20-30 seconds. You can also soften tortillas in a dry sauté pan over medium heat, flipping consistently. Or, if you’re especially daring, you can warm tortillas quickly over a gas stove burner flame to get authentic char marks.

Plate + Chow Down: Place 3 warmed tortillas on the plate. Arrange 3-4 slices of fried avocado in each tortilla. Top with chilled Mexicali slaw and pickled onions. Garnish with cilantro leaves.

vegan fried avocado tacos ashlee piper the little foxes vegetarian recipe home chef

*All photos credited to Dawn Brown + property of Home Chef. Recipe property of Ashlee Piper / The Little Foxes.

Giveaway: SICK’s Slick Vegan Bags

Man, oh man. Nothing brings me more joy than blowing the lid off of a new, under-the-radar brand doing AMAZING work. Hold on to your hats, because there’s ALOT to like about this brand that’s doing wonderful things for kiddos while making ethical bags that will totally rock you like a hurricane.

the little foxes sick bag giveaway ashlee piper vegan cruelty free

Get to Know SICK

Oft used to describe a state of being unwell (which certainly dovetails with the brand’s name – we’ll get to that in a minute), I prefer to think of “SICKin the light of the ever-wise, super-relevant Urban Dictionary:

the little foxes sick bag giveaway ashlee piper vegan cruelty free

P.S. How hilars is the description #2? Okay, you get my point. These bags, along with the company’s mission, are completely “crazy, cool, insane” (does that remind anyone else of TLC’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” album? Just me? Okay.). Or, if you will, Siiiiiiiiiick. Why? Well, proceeds from each slick-as-heck bag go to support research to fight common childhood illnesses. And what’s more, the money is directed locally. So, if a bag has been purchased by someone in New York, funds are directed to NY hospital research centers. Clever, huh? You can read more about the mission here:

the little foxes sick bag giveaway ashlee piper vegan cruelty free

Very cool. And the bags? Yeah, they’re rad looking. Designer, Silvie Altschuler lends her unique aesthetic, honed from being a jewelry designer, and artist, Peter M. Clark, translates common childhood illnesses like streptoccocus, E. coli, and coxsackie (SAY THOSE THREE-TIMES FAST) into whimsical doodles that make the unique linings in each bag.

The Virtues of SICK

Allow me to break down what I heart about these bags, as I have used one and have fast fallen in love with this roomy, indispensable gem:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free – Intentionally crafted from faux leather.
  • Ethically constructed –  In NYC’s Garment District by a fair labor manufacturer.
  • Artistic and thoughtful – The whimsical linings are created by artist, Peter M. Clark, and are printed in NYC.
  • Roomy as heck – Seriously, enough space for everything from diapers, to basketballs (see above for reals), to a Kardashian’s collection of Spanx (or, ya know, your lunch, laptop, and workout clothes).
  • Built for real life – Ultra-functional exterior and interior can easily be wiped clean, whether it’s wine or baby spit up (hey, if it’s both, we won’t judge). And the interior pouch doubles as a clutch or wallet.
  • Unobtrusively stylish and beautiful – This endlessly classic spare, easy style won’t clash with outfits today or years from today. You’ll want to keep this bag 4eva.
  • Charitable – Carrying this bag means you’re directly supporting research that aims to eradicate some of the most common childhood illnesses.

the little foxes sick bag giveaway ashlee piper vegan cruelty free


I urge you to check out SICK’s website and peruse the classic styles and read more about the mission. These bags would make an awesome gift for a mom-to-be (kind of the roomiest and chicest diaper bag ever) or anyone who appreciates good functional style with a conscience. SICK was so lovely, they even offered one of their incredible bags up for grabs for giveaway. Enter as much as you like, show them some love, and tell yo’ friends. Open to US entrants only, please.

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Giveaway: GUNAS Hermit Bag

Hello, friends! My, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? I could go on and on about the other things occupying my time (work, work, more work, occasionally enjoying the sorta spring weather in Chicago, lots of travel), but I will spare you the details and get straight to why we’re gathered here today. Why are we gathered here today? TO WIN COOL VEGAN STUFF, THAT’S WHY.

The little foxes GUNAS Hermit bag vegan fashion

Get to Know: GUNAS

Okay, if you’re into ethical style, vegan fashion, or style and fashion generally, you likely already know GUNAS. Ethically made from eco- and animal-friendly materials, this brand recently underwent a complete redesign (website and bag line) and it could not be more gorgeous. Sugandh, the lovely human (and new mom and all-around superwoman) is the mastermind behind the brand and I’m always blown away when she shows me her latest designs. But this particular instance, a few weeks ago, when she showed me the new line of “Hermit” bags, well, I fell out of my freaking chair.

The little foxes GUNAS Hermit bag vegan fashion

A photo of my boyfriend. Ain’t he gorgeous?


Why the “Hermit” Bag is my New Boyfriend

Sugandh’s email went a little like this: “Hey, what do you think of this new bag I’ve come out with? Would you like to see it?” UM, WOULD I? Yeah, I would, times a bajillion.

The concept behind the Hermit line is genius – all the style and functionality of an Hermes Birkin Bag, minus the cruelty, environmental degradation (sorry, Hermes lovers, if you think those bags are easy on the Earth to manufacture, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…), and eye-blazing price tag ($25K for a handbag? Bitch, you trippin). The bag is 100% animal- and sweatshop-free (as are all GUNAS bags – isn’t that lovely?!). And the inspiration behind the style is so so sweet. In Sugandh’s words:

“The name is dedicated to the highly abused Hermit crab that is native to the tropical climates like the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Australia. Most of the hermit crabs are sold as pets in the U.S. They are packaged and transported thousands of miles away for resale to live behind the plastic walls of an aquarium tank. Thousands of hermit crabs die during transport. This beautiful species is nearing extinction as its being taken away from its natural environment. Avoid purchasing exotic pets and share their story with others.”

And the look is pure POWER [insert punch emoji here]. Like, “I’m-Hillary-Motherfuckin-Clinton-and-I’m-Running-for-Prez” Power. So, it’s logical to assume that if you get this bag (seriously, get it), you will acquire enough power and respect to write the great American novel, run for high political office, and/or swim the English Channel. I mean, really, is there anything you can’t do when you’re carrying a badass tote? And so many color combos, yo’ head will spin.

The little foxes GUNAS Hermit bag vegan fashion

So, let me break this down – my love for this bag knows no bounds because:

  1. It looks amazing
  2. Gorgeous color combos to choose from
  3. Vegan, cruelty-free, and fair-labor
  4. Affordable
  5. Polished and powerful
  6. Loads of room for your everyday stuff (I was able to shove my laptop, work files, workout gear, lunch, water bottle, makeup bag, and a book for the train ride in this badboy)
  7. Versatile: Can be carried cross-body or as a tote
  8. The ad campaign features jaw-droppingly beautiful model, who happens to be both vegan and transgender. Check out the beauty:

The little foxes GUNAS Hermit bag vegan fashion

Enter to Win a GUNAS Hermit Bag

GUNAS is an amazing brand, so I want you to mosey over to their site and check out the collections, wipe the drool from your chin, and then come back here to show Sugandh some love and support, and enter this generous giveaway for a Hermit bag ($149 value). Open to US entrants only, please.

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#BeCrueltyFree Week Giveaway: Root Science Skincare

The sun is shining. Snow is melting. And, I was delighted to be asked by Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States to participate in their #BlogForBunnies campaign for #BeCrueltyFree Week (March 9th – 13th). The week is intended to raise awareness about animal testing in cosmetics and also creates a world-wide collective of badass animal-loving bloggers from around the globe who will be posting about the importance of pushing for legislation that will eradicate animal testing FUREVER. Needless to say, I’m very grateful to be part of this campaign, and to incentivize you lovelies to take to social media using the hashtags #becrueltyfree and #blogforbunnies, I’m doing a giveaway. Woot.

root science the little foxes vegan skincare giveaway ashlee piper be cruelty free hsi.org humane society

How It All Began

As many of you know, I’ve been passionate about animal testing long before I was even vegan. I found a PETA pamphlet on animal testing at my local grocery store (in Texas, yo) when I was 11 years old, and ever since, I’ve only used products that are cruelty-free (to the best of my abilities, at least). And check it out, I’m still alive and am able to groom with confidence. Heck, I even did a two-part series for Refinery29 on animal testing.

Sure, choosing cruelty-free might mean telling those Department store perfume gals or bright Sephora end caps with the latest prestige lipstick no, but the peace of mind you get knowing you’re not contributing to the suffering of animals is truly priceless. I mean, what exactly is beautiful about using products that are a result of animals suffering a lifetime in labs? Nothing. We’re better than that. And thankfully, we can all make a change right now.

Allow Me To Drop Some Knowledge

  • While dogs, monkeys, cats, and other animals are used in pharmaceutical and other research testing, cosmetics tests in the United States primarily involve rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, and rats. I don’t care how much you don’t dig on rats – they don’t deserve the kinds of gruesome and unnecessary testing that takes place in the hell holes they call “labs.”
  • Globally, around 100,000 animals per year suffer and die because of animal testing.
  • Disappointingly, animal testing remains legal in the United States. It has since been banned by the European Union, Israel, and India, with other countries postured to (hopefully) follow suit. You can read more at Humane Society International.

Let’s Out Some Brands, Shall We?

Outing people is completely uncool, but outing brands that conduct dastardly animal tests is my life’s joy. I’m sure I’ll get some sort of legal bitchslap for this, but the truth is the truth. And I get so frustrated when I see well-intentioned peeps say, “Oh, I love animals!” and then watch them buy a L’Oreal or Unilever product (some of the biggest animal testers on the planet), or worse, pimp these brands on their blogs. You’re not buying cruelty-free if you’re rocking products from L’Oreal, Stila, Chanel, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Unilever, and many, many more.

It’s not cute anymore and I’m calling this shit on the carpet. We can all do better.

Want to know who good-guy companies are? Check out this list. There are thousands of ethical companies that make high-performance makeup that harms no one. And speaking of good guys, check out Root Science.

root science the little foxes vegan skincare giveaway ashlee piper

Get to Know Root Science

So, I adore Gigja, the Icelandic-California babe whose skincare company, Root Science, makes incredible vegan, cruelty-free, and organic goodies to heal and repair skin to its healthiest. Inspired by Iceland’s natural beauty, only the finest, hand-selected, skin-loving ingredients make it into Root Science’s gorgeous glass bottles – no fillers, preservatives, water, or chemicals.

I adore the masks and serums, which have helped to keep my skin sane through the long, cold Chicago winters. Check out the products here.

root science the little foxes vegan skincare giveaway ashlee piper

Win Root Science and #BeCrueltyFree

In honor of #BeCrueltyFree Week and as a way to help you clean up your act when it comes to compassionate beauty, I’m giving away a Root Science Organic Detox Kit, which is completely customizable and an $85 value. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian entrants only, please.

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Giveaway: SkinOwl Mangosteen Oil

News Flash: It’s cold in Chicago. Not like “oh, that’s chilly” cold. Not “colder than a witch’s titty” cold. Like, end-of-civilization-and-we’re-all-gonna-lose-our-minds frigid. And what’s sensitive skin to do when shit gets real like that? Well, you oil up, kids. And the golden elixir I’m chatting about today is what I’ve been slathering on my skin lately. It’s so dang good that I had to share.

skin owl ashlee piper annie tevelin giveaway mangosteen vegan crueltyfree beauty blogger

Photo Courtesy of Raw Beauty Talks

Meet SkinOwl

A little awhile back, a little babe by the name of Annie Tevelin contacted me via Instagram. “I’ve got some really pure products I’d love for you to try.” Given that I have tried pretty much everything out there, I was eager to add her products to my roster (once an addict, always an addict). And when they arrived in my hot little hands, I was beyond impressed.

SkinOwl is built on a premise of simplicity – nothing unnecessary, nothing that will make your skin crazy, only the good stuff. The argan-infused Geranium Beauty Drops is one of my favorite components of a weekly masque (I mix it with Aster + Bay’s Dandelion Face GrainsGressa’s Dirty Pretty Things, or Root Science’s Reborn Masque to form a dreamy paste, depending upon what my skin needs). The Eye+ Concentrate for peepers has quickly become my go-to when I’ve had too many cocktails and/or too little sleep, which, admittedly, is pretty freaking often (as I professed in this piece for Beauty Bets). And Annie as a person is just lovely.

skin owl ashlee piper annie tevelin giveaway mangosteen vegan crueltyfree beauty blogger

A little roundup of why SkinOwl is so rad:

  • Entirely vegan and cruelty-free
  • Lovely reusable and recyclable containers
  • Minimal ingredients that provide immediate (often overnight) results
  • A name that boasts one of the coolest creatures on the planet (owls rule)

Why SkinOwl’s Mangosteen Oil Will Rock Your Socks

There’s a new addition to this fab skincare family and dayum, this baby owl rocks. I’m talking about SkinOwl’s Beauty Drops PM with Mangosteen Oil, baes. This peerless blend is just two ingredients: Cold-pressed Baobab and Mangosteen oils. But the benefits of a simple slather are whoa-worthy:

  • Powerful Xanthones heal cells damaged by free radicals and slow down the aging process.
  • Baobab oil plumps parched skin, softens fine lines and wrinkles, and comforts sensitive skin.
  • Mangosteen’s natural antibacterial properties and antimicrobial compounds visibly correct skin blemishes, oily skin, and chronic dry skin.

So, basically this golden potion is good for e’rryone. And SkinOwl is pairing this luscious elixir with an unbelievably gorg 14K gold druzy Marrin Costello pendant in their “Golden Rule” Duo bundle. Hot shit do I love that necklace.

skin owl ashlee piper annie tevelin giveaway mangosteen vegan crueltyfree beauty blogger

Win SkinOwl’s Mangosteen Oil

I like to share what I love, so I’d urge you to check out SkinOwl and enter below for a chance to win your own bottle of this magical, precious oil (an $85 USD value) Open to entrants everywhere, but international entrants will need to pay special shipping if selected.

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Valentine’s Giveaway: Flowers for Dreams

While I, like most people, have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day, man oh man, do I adore flowers. And I come by this love honestly, because my first and perhaps most formative job ever was at a flower shop where my 15-year-old self sold desperate-to-get-out-of-the-dog-house and hope-to-impress-so-there’s-some-panty-droppin’ peeps on just the right arrangements.

The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Flowers for Dreams Vegan Eco Giveaway Valentines

All gorgeous photos you see here by John Towner


Get to Know: Flowers for Dreams

Fast-forward just a few (cough, cough) years later when good fortune brings me in contact with Flowers for Dreams. This Chicago-based company gives me all the feels. The aesthetic is gorgeous (think: Kinfolk-meets-Anthropologie), the mission is philanthropic, the sourcing and execution are eco-friendly and sustainable, and the people who run the company are cool as fuck.

No cookie-cutter limp tulips in a glass vase here, guys. Instead, Flowers for Dreams serves up artisan-crafted bouquets with responsibly-harvested flowers, charmingly wrapped in repurposed coffee sacks and delivered BY HAND (how often does that happen anymore?!) for free by equally-charming peeps on bikes. How cute is that? And every bouquet benefits a charity like the badasses below. And they really mean it – so far, they’ve raised $58K for Chicago charities.

The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Flowers for Dreams Vegan Eco Giveaway Valentines

The whole operation is eco-friendly and guaranteed to make even the biggest Valentine’s curmudgeon smile. So, when F4D asked me to preview their Valentine’s bouquets, WHO AM I TO SAY NO TO FLOWERS, FLOWERS E’RRYWHERE? I said yes. This beauty is what they sent me. All blush and untamed and gorgeous-like:

The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Flowers for Dreams Vegan Eco Giveaway Valentines



How Cute Is This?!

The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Flowers for Dreams Vegan Eco Giveaway Valentines

You can check out their assortment for Valentine’s by perusing these ingenious “Love Stories” featuring real Chicago couples. Can I be you guys? I’m bananas about all of these cute hipster couples and their shoes with no socks in the winter looks.

The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Flowers for Dreams Vegan Eco Giveaway Valentines

Getcha Some

1. Use the code LILFOXES to get 10% off any order before 2/14.

2. Get laid. Thank me later.

Win a Flowers for Dreams Bouquet

Live in Chicago or want to send someone special in Chi-town a Flowers for Dreams bouquet? Enter to win one (1) medium bouquet, a $45 value, here:

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12 Days of Giveaways: Lina Hanson’s Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Howdy, Holiday Foxes! I’m really excited about today’s post. And yes, we’re (meaning me) a bit behind on the Giveaway schedule, but the 12 giveaways are happening. Some may just carry you happily into the new year. And much like anything rad, I promise these are all well worth the wait.

12daysofgiveaways, petit vour, beauty box, subscription box, ashleepiper, ahrens yoga, giveaways, vegan, eco friendly, cruelty free, under the canopy, robe

If you have explored the realm of green and eco-chic beauty as of recent, the name Lina Hanson probably sends shivers of glee down your spine. That’s right – Lina’s the gorgeous, Swedish-born (and you know I love that) celebrity makeup artist and author behind the famous Lina Hanson | Global Beauty line (Ewan McGregor, Christina Ricci, Kristin Davis, and Lykke Li (!!!!) are reportedly mega fans).

Lina hanson ashlee piper the little foxes vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway

In addition to being one of the warmest and coolest gals to chat with and learn from, Lina was kind enough to share some of her tried-and-true tips for keeping celebrities’ skin gorgeous and glowing throughout the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a celeb to rock these tips that will have you sashaying to your New Year’s Eve fete like a muthafuckin’ diva.

Lina hanson ashlee piper the little foxes vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway

Morena Baccarin with makeup by Lina Hanson, Courtesy of VOGUE

Lina Hanson’s Tips for a Healthy Holiday Glow

1. EXFOLIATE: One of the most important steps to gorgeous holiday makeup is your skin. If you are going to an event, or want glowing skin instantly, I always recommend exfoliating your face before applying your facial oil and makeup. Exfoliating allows your face oil to absorb into the skin faster and foundation and blush will go on much smoother, and last longer. Choose a gentle scrub that won’t irritate your skin. You can also make your own exfoliating scrub by using ingredients from the kitchen. I like mixing olive oil, with lemon, and sugar. Gently scrub your face using circular motions. This scrub works wonders and your skin feels and looks more clear in minutes.

2. HYDRATE: I’m a huge believer in beauty from the inside out. By staying hydrated, your skin will feel and look healthy and glowing. Alkaline water is great because it has antioxidant properties that help detoxify the skin and keep it rejuvenated and hydrated quicker than regular water. I like Essentia water because it not only tastes great, I can see a marked improvement in my skin.

3. OIL CLEANSE: During winter months, your skin tends to be more dry and flaky. Avoid anything that contains alcohol, and instead of using a regular face wash, I recommend cleansing your face with a cleansing oil or balm. An oil will cleanse your skin from grease or dirt while keeping it moisturized and soft, and without stripping the skin from its natural oils.

4. DRY BRUSH: Dry brushing for about 5-10 minutes before a shower is a great to keep your skin healthy, removes dead skin and increases your circulation. Beautiful winter skin is all about moisture, so avoid taking a very hot shower, as hot water robs the skin of that precious moisture. Try to keep your bath and showers short. Moisturize your body with a body oil while the skin is still damp. The oils will absorb into the skin faster than a body lotion and will leave your skin soft and nourished from the inside.

5. EAT YOUR GREENS: Eating a lot of leafy greens in your diet is crucial for healthy, glowing skin as they are super rich in minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. To ensure you are getting enough greens, you can incorporate a spirulina or chlorella supplement into your diet. Spirulina and chlorella ward off free radicals, eliminate toxins, and increase skin metabolism.

Lina hanson ashlee piper the little foxes vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway

Lina Hanson Global Face Serum

As if those tips weren’t enough, Lina is giving away her best-selling, celeb-fav Global Face Serum (Retail $85). I’ve been fortunate enough to use this serum and let me just start by saying that the scent is CRAZY FREAKING GOOD. Here’s the 411 on this beautiful elixir:

  • Completely vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Toxin-Free: Completely free of parabens, artificial fragrance, silicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or any other chemical ingredient.
  • Reduces irritation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The natural essential oil scent uplifts mood and banishes anxiety.

Don’t believe me? This magical serum has received quite a bit of press. So, I’ll just leave this right here…

Lina hanson ashlee piper the little foxes vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway

Win a Global Face Serum

You’ve got the tips, now nab the face oil to complete your regimen. One lucky winner will receive a full-size Global Face Serum, an $85 value. Open to all entrants, but entrants outside the U.S. must pay shipping.

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12 Days of Giveaways: Viva Creatures Handbags

Welp. It’s official: I am no good at posting every single day, so these giveaways will come to you in daily clusters. But hey, as long as you’re able to enter for awhile and as many as you like, who gives a hoot? Hold on to your hats, guys. This giveaway is a stunner.

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About Viva Creatures!

I pride myself in having a bit of a leg up when it comes to finding rad cruelty-free fashion and boy, has Viva Creatures! put a smile on my face. Not only were their bags new to me, but the gal who runs the company, Nora Baldwin, is the biggest sweetheart (and babe). We share a similar story that goes a little something like this: Big corporate career —-> revelation that we could be doing something bigger for animals —-> doing our own thing to help animals. I have mad respect for someone with moxie like that, and I also adore the aesthetic of these bags.

viva creatures ashlee piper the little foxes vegan handbag fashion giveaway crueltyfree

The pared-down style of these bags is classic, enduring, and completely swoon-worthy. The faux leather gets more supple with use, but is significantly more durable and lighter weight (your shoulders will thank you) than leather. Let us talk about more of the virtues of this incredible brand, shall we?

  • Intentionally vegan and cruelty-free: Is there anything else on this blog? Hell. No. Never.
  • Made in the USA: Because keeping jobs at home and showing that domestically- and ethically-made products can be seriously quality and luxurious is boss.
  • Limited Edition: Viva Creatures! makes a “purposeful number” of each bag because it’s nice to have something that’s unique and rare.
  • Eco-Conscious: The opening collection is made from a nylon microfiber produced in the USA.  The spring line (seen here) includes bags made from polyurethane and recycled materials.
  • Good Looking: I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but really, these bags are as Scandinavian streamlined and chic as all get out.

Interest piqued? You can mosey over to the site to get some last-minute gifties for yourself or someone you fancy.

But How Do They Look?

Take a peek and be sure to wipe the drool from your chin…

viva creatures ashlee piper the little foxes vegan handbag fashion giveaway crueltyfree

Let’s take the one I have: The Valkyrie. I can’t get over how supple the faux suede is and love how this bag has two compartments (so your wallet isn’t spilling out when you’re reaching for lipgloss, as one does). The most striking thing is the quality: The hardware is heavy and gorgeously gilded. The zippers zip smoothly. The pebbled faux leather feels supple and soft. It’s a remarkable bag and I will have it for years to come.

viva creatures ashlee piper the little foxes vegan handbag fashion giveaway crueltyfree

Pretty, yeah? Well, there’s more… Like the Viking Foldover Clutch:

viva creatures ashlee piper the little foxes vegan handbag fashion giveaway crueltyfree



And the dreamy Voodoo Clutchhttp://vivacreatures.com/shop/vegan-handbags/classic-fold/And the belle of our giveaway ball: The Victor. Which you’ll certainly feel like when you carry this badboy around. The two-tone sides MAKE ME CRAZY THEY’RE SO GOOD.



Win a Viva Creatures Bag

viva creatures ashlee piper the little foxes vegan handbag fashion giveaway crueltyfree

Nora’s a major doll and she wants one lucky reader to win a Viva Creatures! much-loved Victor Bag. It’s pretty much the only clutch you’ll ever need, and it retails at $305. And everyone will want to know where you got it. Open to U.S. entrants only, please.

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