Recipe: Ultimate Game Day Chili Con Queso

The Little Foxes Ashlee Piper Vegan Chili Con Queso Recipe Cholesterol Free Vegetarian Daiya

Hi there, Foxes! I trust you all had a marvelous holiday and new year? I would tell you about mine, which was a bit of a shitshow, but that’s for another post, because THIS POST is about QUESO. And queso … Continue reading 

Recipe: Cookie Butter Creme Tart

ashlee piper cookie butter creme tart vegan vegetarian recipe the little foxes

Ah, cookie butter, more formally known as Biscoff Spread. Is there anything more wonderful or more dangerous? Well, given that I nearly broke glasses and knocked over boxes in the pantry when I found, hiding behind some lentils, a jar … Continue reading 

Day 7: Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway

whole foods gift card the little foxes vegan vegetarian blog

It’s Day 7 of our “12 Days of Giveaways”! As a person on this planet, few places call me to its bosom like Whole Foods Market. Sure, we’ve heard and experienced the “Whole Paycheck” racket, but if we’re being truthful, … Continue reading 

Day 6: Apinya Thai Sauces Giveaway

apinya sauce the little foxes vegan giveaway

Can you believe we’re already halfway through our amazing “12 Days of Giveaways”? Well, today’s giveaway will warm ya up, no matter how cold the climate. Hear about the Sriracha shortage? Who cares? There’s a new Thai Chili Sauce in … Continue reading 

Day 2: The Great Vegan Pumpkin eBook + Free Recipe

great vegan pumpkin giveaway vegan yack attack jackie the little foxes

It’s Day 2 of our “12 Days of Giveaways!” Are you loving this yet? I hope so! I am having the best time bringing this fun stuff to ya! And today is very special, because today, I get to give … Continue reading 

The Foxy Four – What I’m Loving Now

fabulous fashionistas uk vegan ageism the little foxes

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh   The Vegan Cookie Swap at Keepin’ It Kind. We all know that KIK is an incredibly beautiful and nom-tastic recipe site. Kristy takes that … Continue reading 

A Very Vegan Thanksliving


So, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? I’ll be taking the dogs down to my mom’s house for some much-needed family and nature time. I may or may not also be spray painting chairs, restoring an old harvest table, and … Continue reading 

Backyard Veggie Burger Sliders

backyard veggie burger sliders the little foxes vegan vegetarian recipes

Howdy, Autumn Foxes! It’s blustery and cold here in Chicago already and my taste buds have been craving foods reminiscent of more temperate weather. I just returned from a beautiful wedding of two of my dearest friends. It was a … Continue reading 

Giveaway + Recipe: Nut Butter Universe

nut butter universe the little foxes vegan recipe review style

Hello! Firstly, I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the FTC (Federal Trade Commission, for those of you who give a shit) tightening guidelines related to humble (and usually piss poor, I might add) bloggers and what they call “sponsored … Continue reading 

BBQ Tofu Tacos + Mexicali Slaw

the little foxes easy vegan gluten free bbq tofu tacos mexicali slaw recipe food style

Hi, foxy friends! It’s been starting to feel very fallish here and I ain’t complaining, though I do understand peoples’ desire to hold on to the last bits of summer. I spent the weekend with the windows wide open (giving … Continue reading 

Sweet + Salty Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Curried Pecans

brussels sprouts maple curry pecans recipe vegan vegetarian the little foxes

Dearest Foxies! It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and I’m truly sorry. Work stuff has also taken on a marvelous momentum, including having this ‘lil old fox blog be featured in Refinery29 (holyfuckingshit) as one of nine food … Continue reading 

Review + Giveaway: Earnest Eats Hot + Fit Cereals

the little foxes vegan earnest eats food style vegetarian

I have a confession: I am a morning eater. What does this mean? It means that from the minute my alarm goes off and I rise, I must – simply MUST – eat, like, immediately. This makes for an especially … Continue reading 

Baked Pumpkin Seed Falafel

the little foxes baked pumpkin seed falafel vegan vegetarian recipe low-fat style food

Howdy, Foxies! As some of you know, I’ve been gearing up for a fun vegan cooking demo I’m doing at the beautiful Yoga Trek Center in Oak Park, Illinois. The demo is in celebration of Oak Park making a city-wide … Continue reading 

Smoky Avocado + Caramelized Onion Crostini

avocado and onion crostini vegan the little foxes ashlee piper appetizer recipe

We all love parties, right? But party appetizers? JEEBUS, those can be really awful and really bad for you. Today, I have an unjunked appetizer recipe that will make you the hit of any party. Whether you’re throwing your own … Continue reading 

Recipe: Summer Fruit + Walnut Toaster Bread

the little foxes summer fruit and walnut toaster bread quick vegan vegetarian recipe ashlee piper vegan meatloaf dill havarti fingerling potato

It’s about damn time I get a recipe up here, huh? Dang. Like most of you, I have nights where I whip up dinner from whatever needs to be used in the back of the cupboards or depths of the … Continue reading