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I’m Ashlee and I write about vegan food, fashion, beauty, and other lifestyle fun in between. I like red lipstick, Morrissey, and infomercials. I also like making people happy, so I share lots of joy-filled advice and heart-racing (to me, at least) giveaways here. It’s a place for cool times.

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Photo by Amy Mokris

The Foxifesto.

I believe in living a conscious, compassionate, bold, passionate, fearless life with two primary goals: 1) Be happy and appreciative, and 2) Do things that help others (people, animals, this big spinning eco-system we live in) live better, rest easier, and flourish.

I’ve been an ethical vegan for awhile now and it’s truly the best decision I’ve made (next to adopting my dog and downloading the Uber app). I mean, how else can you eat well, be healthy, reduce animal suffering, and lessen your environmental impact all at the same time? It’s a very liberating, sacrifice-free way to live and this site gives you glimpses in to that badassery.

  • Nope, I don’t wear any animal materials or eat any animal products (and I haven’t died from exposure in the Chicago winter, either…).
  • Nope, I’m not anemic, dying from lack of beef, crying at night because I so dearly miss the taste of eggs, or low in B12 (but, thank you for caring).
  • Nope, you won’t find me cooing over the latest L’Oreal eyeshadow, because I only roll cruelty-free, baby.
  • And, nope, I probably won’t attend your Kentucky Derby party or that sojourn to Sea World (though, you may see me outside protesting – be sure to give a wave!), because those industries exploit the heck out of sensitive, sentient creatures and this homie don’t play that way.

I do, however, vow to always bring bitchin’ nibbles to book club, sing the BEST Bon Jovi karaoke evs, and be the life of the party (most alcohol is vegan, guys) at pretty much any fete ever. I also promise that I love answering questions about veganism and won’t be a dick about it.

Now, take my hand and let’s get some margaritas.


A lot of people ask me where the name, The Little Foxes, came from. The first inspiration is my Great Grandmother Ruth. She was a badass 4’11 opera singer whose stage name was Nina Renard, which, in French loosely means ‘the little fox.’  A spitfire through-and-through, she would sneak out of her home to sing at little cabarets during the War. I never had the good fortune of meeting her, but everyone who did said she was truly unforgettable – bold, fun-loving, ahead of her time, and unabashedly authentic. She’s a big inspiration in my life and the blog’s namesake.

Exhibit A: The embodiment of red-lipped, rascally awesomeness.

the little fox ashlee piper

The other inspiration for TLF is my rescue dog, Banjo, who happens to look a little like a fox. She’s been through some tough times, but the day I adopted her was pretty much the best day of my life. If you haven’t adopted a companion animal from a shelter or rescue already, I encourage you to do so pronto. With our overflowing shelters and unnecessary euthanasia (not to mention all of the amazing animals just waiting for you), it’s pretty much the only logical and ethical choice if you’re looking for a ride-or-die bestie.  /rant

Exhbit B: Being a total baller.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.32.32 PM

Hang with me.

This site is about all things wonderful and vegan – delicious food, gorgeous beauty, sumptuous fashion, and all around good-times. I appreciate you stopping by and if you fancy being connected, by golly, Get In Touch.

  • Gar Song

    Looks rather like a Jack Russel with a foxes tail

  • celestedimilla

    Hey there! You just started following my blog so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi!” I’ve been poking around your blog, and I love it! Your grandmother looks like a sweetheart. I also think it’s great that you’ve got a Master’s in social work. I considered that, but I got mine in counseling psychology instead. I love that you’re a holistic health coach. I worked with a holistic health coach when I made the vegan transition and it was helpful. Your work sounds very rewarding. I’m curious about your partnership statement. I’m new to blogging, so I don’t know that much about it yet. How do partnerships work? Anyway, thanks so much for following! I look forward to getting to know you better. Celeste:)

  • Erica Wollman

    Hi, I found your blog through Vegan Perks and I am happy I found you:)

    • The Little Foxes

      Thank you, Erica! Happy to have found you, too!

  • Sophie33

    You have a lovely blog over here! I am Belgian, not a vegan but do cook, bake & eat vegan at least 5x:week & I also blog about it! Thanks for following me so that I could discover your lovely blog here! :)
    Bye for now,…I am off exploring your cute blog now! :)

    • The Little Foxes

      Thank you, Sophie! Your blog is lovely, too, and it’s so cool that you live in Belgium. I adore it there. Bruges is one of my favorite cities! Thanks for popping in and saying hello!

  • conniefletch

    Howdy, neighborette….are you still in Mass? I live in Vermont….hmmmmm!! Ever make road trips? Good vegan vittles could be in the works!

    • The Little Foxes

      Hey Connie! I’m actually in Chicago, but if I’m ever in Vermont, I’ll be sure to hit you up. I love vegan vittles! :)

  • Miss Chris Creations

    Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog! I hope you’ll check out my recent recipes and even find one to recreate for yourself sometime. I look forward to following your posts in the future!!


  • Miss Chris Creations

    Congratulations again on receiving The Bouquet of Three Blogging Award! You totally deserve it for your fabulous blog whether you decide to accept or not. If you want to accept the award or view the rules, here is the link to my post!

    Congrats again!

  • Alison @ The Vegan Wannabe

    You have a wonderful blog here! I found you through Carrie on Vegan’s newest post. I look forward to reading more!

    • The Little Foxes

      How nice are you? Especially since I love YOUR blog, too. Mutual admiration society now open for business. :) I’ll have to tell that sweet and cute Carrie thank you for mentioning my site. XO

      • Alison @ The Vegan Wannabe

        Ha, ha! Thank you so much – that’s very kind of you!

  • Renia Pruchnicki

    I found you by googleiing Vegan Blogger! Love your site … thank you.. Looking forward to reading more !

  • vegrunning

    Just found your blog through Yum Universe. Love the title…in high school drama my teacher assigned me a solo act from The Little Foxes. I was terrified but I did it (& loved it). Excited to read more of your blog….already enjoying it immensely!

    • The Little Foxes

      Ahhhh! I love this! That’s part of the reason I named the blog The Little Foxes! Lillian Hellman rocks. Thank you for stopping by and for alerting me to your blog. I am trying to get back in to running post-injury, so it’ll be awesome reading. xo

  • Litt07

    I <3 you to the moon, darling! Badassery at its finest, indeed.

  • Nichole Dunst

    Happy to have found your blog! Conscious living, vegan bloggers UNITE! :p

  • Sam Reynard

    This blog is adorable, and so are you! Not to mention your apartment. Gah!

    Found this through your apartment post on Apartment Therapy, and I have to say I adore the name of the blog. My last name (so similar to your grandmother’s!) has made them a *bit* of a thing for me. Looking forward to more foxy vegan blogg-iness!