Holiday Giveaway #5: TLF + Djuna Shay Makeup Bag

Well, campers, we’re at our last giveaway for the holiday season and it’s one that’s near and dear to my heart! You see, this collaboration is born from my friendship and totally in-love-ness with my friend Djuna, the talented designer behind the eco-vegan brand, Djuna Shay. giveaway Djuna shay ashlee piper red lips and rescue dogs are my religion eco makeup bag

The Little Foxes + Djuna Shay Collaboration

A few months back, Djuna and I were talking about designing a shirt. Soon, conversations turned to things that were absent in the marketplace. There are so many fantastic vegan and animal rights message shirts out there (some of our best friends make ’em and we love them), but, being a beauty lover, I couldn’t find any fun message clutches/makeup bags that were irreverent and animal rightsy without being crunchy. From there, the concept was born. giveaway Djuna shay ashlee piper red lips and rescue dogs are my religion eco makeup bag We wanted to do a limited run of vegan message makeup bags for the holidays, and here they are. Three slogans (one is my trademark!) that show everyone that what’s in your makeup bag is ethical and kind to animals, but that you’re also a beautiful bitch with an edge. We wanted them to be big enough to stash all your makeup, gym stuff, art supplies, bottles of hooch, whathaveyou. And boy, are they! I also wanted them to be sturdy enough to double as a clutch for a fun night out. giveaway Djuna shay ashlee piper red lips and rescue dogs are my religion eco makeup bag

Eco-Cred So Legit

These bags are made from zero waste 100% cotton canvas, meaning they’re crafted from what would essentially be trashed canvas. They’re designed, made, and printed in the USA. Zero animal materials. Duh. They’re also washable because any makeup bag that isn’t is just bananas. You can read mo’ about ’em here. giveaway Djuna shay ashlee piper red lips and rescue dogs are my religion eco makeup bag

Get Yours Before They Sell Out

We’ve set one makeup bag of the winner’s choosing aside, but at $28, these are affordable enough for everyone on your holiday list. And hey, if these do well, we might keep putting our heads together and making some more merriment that you can carry. Fingers crossed.

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  • Kelly Chambers

    My favorite is red lips and rescue dogs are my religion. That’s just so awesome!!!

  • Sarah Robertson

    Red lips and rescue dogs are my religion…and no foxes given! Love them all!

  • Kelly Lynn

    I want the No Foxes Given bag…..BAD! I am literally telling all of my friends about your designer bags! I LOVEEEE them…genuinely love them! My makeup bag is old (like 12 years old – that’s fact) and it’s gross. haha. I would actually use the makeup bag as a clutch when I am out daily. I’d also toss it in my backpack to carry snacks each day – with my makeup (um, not sure if those go together). I think it’s brilliant and my hope is that you two do more together. Like, maybe a flat tall boot (with zero heel) – trust me, they don’t exist. And maybe a backpack? I am loving your collab! And thanks for making these affordable for those of us who are not the blessed winner…..we can buy regardless!

  • ammauceri

    Red lips and rescue dogs! So great.

  • Terri Jones Cole

    Zero Fox Given is definitely the best!

  • Martha Villagomez

    Zero Fox Given needs to be in my life like YESTERDAY.

  • Leslie Richman

    I love the Zero Fox Given- I need that daily reminder!

  • Krista Shaffer

    I’m torn between cool and cruel and zero fox given, but I think the fox is my favorite. Love these!!

  • Tammy

    I’m joining the foxes train. Zero foxes given is clever and a great reminder ?

  • Kelly Peloza

    LOVE the Zero Fox Given bag.

  • Cassidy Marsh

    These are so clever and so cute! I love the Cool ain’t cruel and Red Lips & Rescue Dogs are my Religion. Very unique and witty.

  • Gillian Moynihan

    I have a sailor’s mouth, so I love “zero [fox] given.” lol.

  • Maria Brandemark

    Zero fox given, brilliant!

  • Carly G

    I love the “Zero (Fox) Given” bag..hilarious and useful!

  • ablackm2

    I like the cool ain’t cruel one :)

  • Jamie Knol

    The Zero Fox Given is so clever. Love it!

  • scar

    Omg I NEED the fox one!

  • Milena |

    Zero fox given – Love it!