Holiday Giveaway #4: NorseBox

OH GOLLY! I love giveaways and I also love discovering new things. Today’s giveaway is a mega-awesome service I stumbled upon by total accident (it was a gift from a friend) and I quickly became OBSESSED. If you’re into minimalism or Scandinavian designs, HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

Get to know NorseBox

Subscription box services are all the rage, but this one is decidedly different. NorseBox is a quarterly subscription box curated with a handful of handmade, high-design Scandinavian goodies for your home and enjoyment. Yeah, it’s like the best idea of all time.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

The brainchild of Elise, a Swedish beaut who’s spent time in the US, NorseBox is intended to bring you the best of Scandinavian design – simple, functional products that appreciate the beauty of natural materials. And each box has 1-5 goodies and a value of $80-$100 (well above the subscription cost). Give these to everyone you know and become the stylish hero of your family.

Get Your NorseBox

Subscriptions are flexible and super affordable for what you receive. Get an entire year of mailbox joy for $216. A WHOLE YEAR OF GOODIES EVERY QUARTER.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

What It’s Like to Receive NorseBox

Awesome. Life-Altering. Exciting-As-Hell. Squeal-Enducing. Just a few words that come to mind.

I was lucky enough to receive a NorseBox as a surprise gift and I nearly peed myself. The whole shebang is so beautifully wrapped and put together. It’s like receiving a freaking TREASURE. Behold.

Step 1: The NorseBox arrives. And you’re thankful that your oft late/drunk mail carrier didn’t fuck this one up.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan2. You open that box up with the care and precision of a surgeon (or someone really intent on winning Operation), and you start to cry because everything is so darling.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

3. You read about all of the artisans who made the cool things in those precious packages.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

4. You arrange the little parcels and marvel at them because they’re too pretty to open.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

5. You begin to open (not going to spoil your surprise, though), find there are presents-within-presents, and begin arranging the goodies around your house like a crazy person.

ashlee piper norsebox giveaway scandinavian minimalist subscription box vegan

Win a NorseBox

NorseBox has a few very limited edition Holiday boxes left and offered to send one (1) to a lucky-ass winner. Entry is easy. Cross your fingers!

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  • DeanneO

    I just love the fact that everything is made by artisans with a story and a cause. Nothing beats that kind of mentality, nothing. There is a vast selection of items to fabulous and interesting to even choose from!!!

  • Gillian Moynihan

    I love that the Holiday Box comes with everything wrapped individually – it didn’t occur to me until I was reading the choice about wrapping or unwrapping the presents on their site that you could keep some things and give others as gifts, and they’re all gorgeously presented for you!

  • Sydney85

    My Grandfather was Swedish and very proud of his heritage. I loved hearing his stories about his family life and especially the stories around Christmas time. His family enjoyed simple but beautiful pieces to decorate their homes and I also seem to follow their style.

  • Kate

    I really like the subscription options. The holiday box is great!

  • Lisa M

    I truly love subscription boxes! I love dreaming of far away places and envy those that get to travel to them. This brings you a piece of Scandinavian influence I wouldn’t find at any Target.

  • MyLuciteDreams

    I love the idea of discovering new designers and I adore minimalistic design! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  • limepez

    It’s even better than I imagined! Can’t wait to see what you got.

  • Leslie Richman

    I just love the design aesthetic- such a unique find among all the box subscriptions out there.

  • ashlovesmongo

    Love this so much ?

  • Julie

    I like that the products come from different designers and that the box tells you about their backgrounds.

  • Kelly Peloza

    Omg you have the best giveaways! I love the idea of this subscription box because it would encourage me to think differently about how a particular piece could work in my space, especially items I might not immediately choose myself. And it sounds like a great way to find unique gifts!

  • JillianToo

    I love how Norsebox tells you about the designers’ backgrounds and work when they send you the products.

  • Cadry

    I love the design aesthetic. Everything in the sample boxes is exactly my style.

  • Sarah Robertson

    I love that they are different, from another country, stylish,and ethical!

  • Jess Nadel

    So clean and perfect and minimalist! I love this concept so much more than the standard beauty box I see over and over again.

  • ammauceri

    I love that I can meet new designers that I wouldn’t likely find otherwise! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  • margaret

    the moment that one opens the box! The perfect design!

  • Jacky

    I love that little kiwi bird wooden figurine!

  • Christy Worcester

    I love that this is skandinavian style specific! Love!

  • marlarose

    I love all the Norse-y surprises. 😀

  • Krista Shaffer

    This looks so fun and I’d love to have some surprises to decorate my new (first) home!

  • Dacia

    I’m so happy to see a new Scandinavian design box! I would love to find one of these on my doorstep!

  • latanya t

    I love that it is very unique

  • Tammy

    Definitely unique, contains gift able items (that pays for itself right there, right?), and OMG the packaging!

  • Cassidy Marsh

    The packaging is so so so cute and presentation is a big thing for me. The items are very simplistic and cute, being a college student with limited funds it can be hard to find such cute affordable things for my tiny apartment!

  • Maria Brandemark

    I guess the explanation why I love the stuff could be that I’m Scandinavian!

  • songabee

    I love this subscription box idea – it would be so cool to know you are receiving items that would fit with your aesthetic instead of random stuff!

  • Steph

    I love the server ware

  • Jasanna

    I’m scandinavian and I love this idea of sending a bit of culture!

  • manda

    Love the site. The boxes are cool.