Holiday Giveaway #2: Dew Puff

Friends, gather ye round for the second in our weeklong series of holiday giveaways. And today is a favorite. Why? BECAUSE I USE THESE RELIGIOUSLY. Any natural skincare devotee prays at the altar of the konjac sponge. While all the beauty world is abuzz about chemical-laden Korean beauty, the natural, baller konjac sponge has been an Asian beauty secret that leads to a truly glowing and happy complexion.

Get to Know Dew Puff

The Konjac root – also known as elephant yam or kon-nyaku in Japanese – is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a root. And you’re probably wondering WHY U TELL ME TO PUT A ROOT ON MY FACE? Listen up – when hydrated, these natural sponges become exceptionally soft, yet gently exfoliating, while creating a perfect pH balance on the surface of the skin. Regular use brightens and evens your skin tone without irritation, NO BULL. And Dew Puff makes the best. They’re larger to cover more surface area (say, your body, or when you’re too lazy to do multiple swipes of your face), soft enough to remove stubborn eye makeup without irritation, and they last 3+ months with regular use (like, 2 times a day regular use).

ashlee piper dew puff konjac vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway spongeThis miracle sponge is also naturally anti-microbial, so it won’t redistribute bacteria on your face like a regular sponge or washcloth will. Moreover, these are THE BEST sponges to use if you’re a fan of oil cleansing. If you need a refresher or tutorial, I adore this one by Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets.

Diff’rent Strokes

Because not all skin types are the same (duh), Dew Puff offers three varieties. And gentlemen, if you think all I do here is talk lady things, you are wrong. Hear my cry: Dudes love the Dew Puff. 

The Original: Straight; no chaser. All pure Konjac sponge and nothing else. This is my personal favorite because I have hella sensitive, fair Irish skin. This version also works its simple magic on damn near everyone.

ashlee piper the little foxes dew puff konjac vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway sponge

My actual Dew Puff. Just being baller alongside some sweet almond oil and lemon. A nice way to give your face a break.

Asian Clay: Infused with natural red clay, this puff absorbs impurities and assists with anti-aging while cleansing. This version is awesome for more mature skin that might experience oiliness, combination issues, large pores, etc.

Bamboo Charcoal: Ideal for folks with more oily or large-pored complexions. If you experience consistent breakouts, this simply infused sponge is for you. Instead of loading your face up with chemicals that dry your skin out, try using this for 2 months and notice serious improvement.

Real Sustainability

All Dew Puffs are vegan, cruelty-free, and chemical-free. They travel beautifully (they air dry quickly and are so lightweight, they’re a dream to pack). I buy them by the truckload because I panic when I’m out – they’re just that good.

Once your Dew Puff has lived its life and served your face well (it gets small and shriveled like a little old man), you can toss it (it naturally biodegrades), but I like to use it at the bottom of plants. Why? Because it’s a root, so it naturally regulates water intake for certain planty friends. Just pop into a planter, top with the plant and dirt, and watch that puppy thrive even when you’ve skipped town for 3 weeks and no one has come to water the plants. Oops. THE CIRCLE OF LIFFFFFFFEEEEEE.

ashlee piper the little foxes dew puff konjac vegan beauty cruelty free giveaway sponge

It’s also nice to know that the founders of Dew Puff, Masashi and Maya, are some of the nicest people ever. They’ve traveled the world to find the sturdiest and softest konjac and they want people to be happy. I always feel great supporting their product because they’re just so hot-damn awesome. As you guys know, I’m hella picky about who I work with and promote.  Dew Puff’s made by good peeps. #LoveFest

Get Ya Some Dew Puff

Talk about Stocking Stuffer saviors. These puppies are affordable ($8 each) and have that mix of “whoa, what’s this?” and “OMFG, I can’t live without this now that I’ve tried it” that make for a perfect gift! Mosey over to Dew Puff to stock up, and enter the giveaway below to get yourself some Konjac love.

TWO (2) lucky winners will receive six (6) Dew Puffs! That’s more than a year’s supply!

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  • DeanneO

    Asian Clay would be best for me. I am having issues with my pores.

  • Sydney85

    I would love to try the Asian Clay Dew Puff as I have mature skin.

  • Kelly Chambers

    I think the Asian Clay sponge would best suit my skin type.

  • DJohnson

    The Dew Puff Asian Clay Konjac Sponge would be great for my skin.

  • Terri Jones Cole

    I think the Asian clay would be good for me.

  • Sarah Robertson

    Original would be good for me- sensitive skin and no more fuss? yes please!

  • Gillian Moynihan

    Definitely bamboo charcoal for me!

  • ablackm2

    I’d love to try the Asian Clay sponge! The original is always nice too :)

  • Katie Joy Horwitch

    These look magical. Charcoal plz!

  • Melanie Suess

    Argh, I can’t decide. The lovely asian clay, or charcoal to really get mah scrub on??? I am seriously considering ordering a load of these for stocking stuffers this year.

  • marlarose

    Coolness! I say charcoal!

  • margaret

    Charcoal spong!!!!

  • Elisabeth

    I think the Bamboo Charcoal sponge would be great since I have oily skin!

  • Krista Shaffer

    I think original for my 3 year old and his dry problem skin and red clay for me.

  • latanya t

    Dew Puff Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge

  • sherry.lee

    I’ve tried the clay sponge and loved it!!! It would be so fab to win some more of them…
    Sherry (sdlee[at]mac[dot]com)

  • Cassidy Marsh

    I’ve seen reviews for these on youtube and they’ve all been wonderful! I’ve never had skin problems until now (I’m 21) and I could definitely use these.

  • Bianca Munoz

    Either the Original or bamboo. Thank you!

  • Jane

    The bamboo charcoal, but the Asian clay is a very close second choice! I want both! lol