Giveaway: Aromi Liquid Lipsticks

If you’re anything like me, you love a solid, red lip. But, if your beauty standards are both vegan and cruelty-free (as they should be, loves), the road to a vampy crimson lip can be riddled with despair and carmine. Enter Aromi Beauty. I met the darling Hannah, Aromi’s founder, at a Chicago craft fair last year and immediately knew we were soul mates. Perhaps it’s because we’re both blonde and bespectacled (as some of the best women are).

Exhibit A: Separated at birth.aromitlf

Perhaps it’s because she was manning the cutest booth in the place. Perhaps it’s because when I said I’m a cruelty-free, vegan blogger, she and I practically wept, embraced, and became non-sexual life partners. Sometimes people just get you.

ashlee piper the little foxes aroma giveaway vegan beauty style

Get to Know Aromi

So, why is Aromi so special? For one – performance. Aromi’s liquid lipsticks are by far the best indelible lip colors I’ve ever used IN MY LIFE. And when I like a product, oh dear Jeebus, I hold on to it, I pimp it out, I tell the world about it. I’ve raved about these lip colors on Refinery29, I shamelessly promoted them to sweet, sweet Mayim Bialik when I interviewed her this week, and much like a manic street preacher (isn’t that a band?), I talk these up to pretty much anyone else who will listen. And the listening happens easily because every single time I wear Aromi liquid lipstick, people ask me what I’m wearing and OMG how can they get some?


These are not for the meek. These colors are big and bright and bold. Heavily pigmented in the best way possible, these lip colors are a pinup’s dream. My favorites? Preppy Red is my go-to for a wildly sexy red lip, while Rich Rosewood is the perfectly mysterious color that makes your lips look like two velvety berry rose petals. Oh, and the Electric Orchid? Totally wearable color of the season.

Here’s a pic of me (the pale apparition in the middle, kids) wearing Preppy Red on a rare night at a club (when Miley Cyrus showed up). Just gaze at it and behold the hypnotic, vampifying powers of the Aromi:

ashlee piper the little foxes aroma giveaway vegan beauty style

Unlike a lot of long-wearing lip creams, these are actually comfortable and reliable. Comfy meaning that your lips won’t feel like a desert. Reliable meaning that it won’t ball up on you (you just have to apply on very dry lips) and leave creepy stuff on your teeth during that hot date.

aromi giveaway 5

Aromi makes other incredible products, too. The lipsticks are creamy, heavenly goodness. The perfumes smell awesome. The eyeshadows are mineral-based and bold. The packaging is really pretty and worth gazing at for hours.

The Little Foxes’ Aromi Giveaway

I know you’re going to love Aromi’s stuff and basically become obsessed. To help form your healthy relationship (totally codependent) with some of the best lippies out there, I present to you, a giveaway that will rock your socks. One lucky sucker will win FOUR liquid lipsticks. In any choice of colors. Um, that’s $68 worth of lip looks, people. Why does this matter? Because a bitch has gotta mix it up. Enter now, tell your friends, and make it happen.

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  • Kelli

    I want them :) How beautiful, and an amazing company to support!

  • Courtney Meznarich (@courtonthecoast)

    Vamptastic plum, electric orchid, forbidden fuchsia, rich rosewood!

  • Stacy

    electric orchid, rich rosewood, forbidden fuchsia, & vamptastic plum – I love the names too!!

  • Carrie D.

    These lipsticks look amazing! I think I would try Preppy Red, Flamenco Red, Rich Rosewood, and Forbidden Fuchsia. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • kittee

    Is everything they make vegan? I need brow help!!! Lip stuff looks amazing!!!

  • Holly

    I would choose rich rosewood, preppy red, electric orchid, and vamptastic plum. Then buy a ton of that eyeshadow, too. Those colors are amazing. It’s pretty rare to see such rich pigment in cruelty free products.

  • Loraine Ellis

    Electric Orchid, Vamptastic, Forbidden Fuschia, Flemenco Red

  • Ashley

    I would love to try all of them but the Flamenco Red Matte is particularly beautiful!

  • Katey

    Electric Orchid, Rich Rosewood, Flamenco, and Vamptastic. Vegan lip glosses FTW!

  • K.A. P-P

    Thanks for intro’ing me to Aromi…had not heard…love their mission. i would choose flamenco red, rich rosewood, forbidden fuschia and vamptastic. now i’m going to go back and delve more into their site…thx for this fantastic giveaway!!

  • Keena

    I would love the Vamptastic, Fuschia, Rosewood, and Preppy Red. They are all gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    I would love to try them all! Especially the lighter pink one!

  • Elisabetta

    I love flamenco!

  • Tina

    Rich Rosewood, Flamenco Red, Preppy Red, and Forbidden Fuchsia.

  • Taylor

    You had me at “pinup’s dream”!! :) need them!

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  • sarah

    ok so besides the obvious all- I would want the flamenco red, preppy red, rich rosewood, and vamptastic- because oh my…cuteness:)

  • Katie J

    These look amazing! I recently purchased a OCC lipstick and am super into vibrant lips now!! Would love to give these a try.

  • Katherine J

    I would choose electric orchid, preppy red, forbidden fuchsia, and vamptastic plum! Have you tried mixing colors??

  • Justina

    Yeah Hannah. Hope to win to try the products!!!!

  • jesse.anne.o

    I am pretty interested in these because those colors look magnetic. Which is not a real description for a color but even so…

  • Kaleyos

    I would love the preppy red, flamenco red, rich rosewood, and forbidden fuchsia colors!

  • Martha Villagomez

    They all look so preeetty!!!

  • Mindy

    I love this!!!!

  • http://Pinterest Jennifer

    I want to try them,, pleaseeeee ,, would love to share and will recommend , :)

  • Laura Laxson

    <3 Friendly makeup. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ginger G.

    I like the reds and pinks!

  • Kaela Sanchez

    These look awesome!

  • Candy Hoffman

    Wow! What vivid colors! I think I would be brave enough to try flamenco red, electric orchid, rich rosewood, and forbidden fuchsia.

  • sarahcttr

    ooh! the plum!

  • Marla


  • Nora

    My daughter Sofia looks awesome in red lipstick. She’s 1/2 Spanish (on my side), so that Flamenco red was made for her!!

  • Shaughnessey

    I’m a solid red lover. Of all these gorgeous glosses I would definitely pick Preppy Red, Rich Rosewood, Flamenco Red and Electric Orchid!

  • Saniel Underwood

    Rich Ridgewood matte, flamenco, plum and preppy red would work best for my skin complexion.

  • Raina

    I love them! I’d choose Preppy Red, Flamenco Red, Rich Rosewood and Electric Orchid

  • Nicole Harris

    I would love to win! I’m trying to transition my makeup to cruelty free products. The lipsticks would be a great start! ❤️

  • K.L (@klyob)

    I so desperately need new makeup & I so love a red lip. Plus, I am going through a breakup. I am sad. So, what girl that is newly single doesn’t deserve to win a new lip color? (0:

  • K.L (@klyob)

    I don’t know where my comment went! I would love to win this! I have no makeup – well, I do but it’s crud and I cannot afford new makeup. I am newly single and sad as I am going through a breakup. So, this requires a fresh haircut at some point & a fresh red cruelty free lip color! Praying I win!

  • Rebecca M Jordan

    I adore both paler pinkish shades! Rich rosewood and electric orchid. I only wear cruelty free lip products. Thank you for making them.

  • francene kilichowski

    I’d love every color but Preppy Red – I think that’s too bold for me – beautiful stuff !

  • Bridgette

    What a great company! This is my second time hearing of them so maybe if things aren’t too expensive I’ll try them out! Definitely have my eyes on the four I’d pick if I won~

  • Colleen Boudreau (collifornia)


  • Toni

    I have only just found the blog & I am so happy! I just wish you were in Australia! Any cruelty free make up is a bonus! I’d choose Preppy Red, Flamenco Red, Rich Rosewood and Electric Orchid! 😀 Can never have enough cruelty free makeup!

  • Olivia

    vamptastic plum, flamenco red, forbidden fuchsia, and electric orchid!

  • Jerilyn

    electric orchid, preppy red, rich rosewood, forbidden fuschia :)

  • Christina Pippin

    love, love learning about new vegan beauty products. delicious colors all of ’em! my faves: preppy red, rich rosewood, flamenco red and electric orchid! ah, so much vegan goodness!

  • Andrea

    Electric Orchid, Rich Rosewood, Forbidden Fuschia, Vamptastic Plum. LOVE!

  • Sarina @ Earthgiven Kitchen

    I would try the Rosewood, Fuschia, Preppy Red and Plum! Thanks for the giveaway

  • Amanda Thomas

    I would like flamenco red, rich rosewood, forbidden fuchsia and vampastic plum.

  • Stefanie

    These look so cool! Good lipstick is so hard to find… I want the preppy red, electric orchid, rich rosewood, and vamptastic plum, just for fun!

  • Sibrina

    Preppy Red (for sure!), Rich Rosewood, Forbidden Fuchsia, and Vamptastic Plum!

  • Aditi Giasotta

    What stunning, vibrant and saturated colors! I really love the Rich Rosewood! And such a kind and generous giveaway!

  • Aditi Giasotta

    Woops! And also Vamptastic Plum, Forbidden Fuchsia and Preppy Red! :)

  • EVA

    VAMPTASTIC PLUM (RIGHT up my alley!), Rich Rosewood, Flamenco Red, and Electric Orchard for my sister. That Vamptastic Plum, even if I don’t win I might have to purchase!

  • Aurora

    I’m a bit of a newbie to lipstick, and I’ve been trying to find ones I liked in bold colours. I would go for the flamenco red, the rich rosewood, the forbidden fuchsia, and the electric orchid.

  • Karla

    I’m a lipstick novice because I’ve not wanted to spend the money figuring out what was good but I really want to try the Aromi products! Your educated advice is invaluable. Thanks for sharing this animal-friendly brand we can trust. (I’d love to try Flamenco Red x2 and Preppy Red x2.)

  • aecroft

    I’d choose rosewood, orchid, fuschia, and flamenco!!

  • Mel Hassan

    I’m so glad I found this blog! Thanks, refiner29! It’s so hard for me to find cruelty free products that work. Especially mascara!

    If I won, I’d want rich rosewood, preppy red, fuschia and orchid. :-)

  • Angela | Chief editor Great Body & Skin | A fashion model reveals her secrets …

    Love the electric orchid and flamenco matte!

  • Aditi Giasotta

    These look beautiful! I’d definitely want preppy red, vamptastic plum and forbidden fuchsia!

  • Sonia

    I got one of these in my Petit Vour box and I LOVE it! It’s by far the best most long lasting lipstick I’ve ever owned. I’m definitely going to get more!!

  • Amy Woods

    My god, how do I enter? Is this still running?