Giveaway 1: Flowers for Dreams

Little known fact: My very first job ever was working at Connor’s Flowers in Plano, Texas. It was pretty much the best job ever because I was 14 and got paid under the table to water plants, etc. Fast-forward 3 years later and I was still ballin’ at the flower shop, except this time, I was a little manager-type and I got to design corsages and boutonnières (big business in Texas), make deliveries (heaven help the person who thought I would a good fit for driving a delivery van full of glass vases), and occasionally tell the drunk, irate patron to get to steppin’. Them’s were the glory days, guys.

Though not extensive, my young foray in to florals has made me a bit of a flower snob. For instance, red roses? Can’t stand ’em. Carnations? Totally experiencing a comeback. But give me peonies, asters, poppies, ranunculus, dahlias, and anything romantic and wild, and my heart is forever smitten. So, imagine my delight when I discovered a Chicago company that is a game-changer, Flowers for Dreams!

flowers for dreams the little foxes giveaway vegan vegetarian chicago style

Get to Know Flowers for Dreams

Started by a plucky college student who wanted to bring eco-friendly, artisan-designed flowers to the masses in an affordable way and give back (a rather tall order), Flowers for Dreams currently delivers bright, beautiful bouquets around the Chicago area. Those who are not in Chicago, DO NOT BE DETERRED from entering. Why? Because who doesn’t have a friend or business associate in Chi would wouldn’t love to get their mitts on a surprise bouquet (or succulent, or money plant, or orchid)?

flowers for dreams the little foxes giveaway vegan vegetarian chicago style

Why Flowers for Dreams is Awesome

F4D is not your typical company. They cover all the bases that conscious consumers are looking for (subscriptions, one-time gifts, and flowers for business and events). Check it:

Flowers that are truly sustainable. Not only do these blooms bear the certs you want to see when ensuring they’re good for the planet and the people harvesting them, but they also come wrapped in recycled burlap or wood and bark vases.

flowers for dreams the little foxes giveaway vegan vegetarian chicago style

Flowers that give back. A portion of every purchase benefits amazing charities like Streetwise Homeless Outreach and Bright Pink.

flowers for dreams the little foxes giveaway vegan vegetarian chicago style

Flowers that make sense for consumers and workers. The price you see is the price you pay. And can talk about how fricking REASONABLE $35 is for a gorgeous bouquet and delivery? I mean, really. None of this FTD crap where it turns out to be $75 dollars + tax + shipping + a bear + a box of cruddy chocolates. And courtesy. A confirmation email, a follow-up email to let you know your order arrived safely, and (and this really blew my top up), a personal phone call a few days later to see how you liked the bouquet and service. WHAT. Amazing.

flowers for dreams the little foxes giveaway vegan vegetarian chicago style

Moreover F4D treats their vendors and their people fairly. What does this look like? Paid internships, scholarships, and a non-hierarchical structure that means everyone is equally invested and valued for their contributions. Can we all just work here now already?

I really dig what Flowers for Dreams is doing. They’re amazing and I hope they expand to other cities (which will totally happen). For now, they’re available only in Chicago, but we’re damn lucky to have ’em. And since you cats should know by now that I don’t do sponsored posts and only rap about companies I believe in, you can trust that F4Ds is every bit as grand as I say they are. I’ve been a customer before and after having such a baller experience I reached out to them.

So, for our first giveaway, Flowers for Dreams has generously offered up a Magna Cum Laude bouquet ($55 value) for one lucky winner. You don’t have to live in Chicago to enter, either. Your recipient just has to (check these zips to make sure).

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  • Cait Weingartner (@prettyandfun)

    Love the Posh & Pink bouquet!

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    Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up these grey winter days! Fun giveaway Ashlee!

  • thekittchen

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    Love this! What a great idea!

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    “Snowy winter” looks gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

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    Love your giveaways and these flowers look amazing!

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    FYI: Farm to table is my favorite!!!

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