Day 7: Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway

It’s Day 7 of our “12 Days of Giveaways”! As a person on this planet, few places call me to its bosom like Whole Foods Market. Sure, we’ve heard and experienced the “Whole Paycheck” racket, but if we’re being truthful, Whole Foods has the collection of goodies that we most want and it’s the place where we can only find certain things. It’s the store we wish Supermarket Sweep was filmed in (and if you don’t know what that show is, I wash my hands of you).

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I used to live right across the street from a Whole Foods Market in Boston and man, (1) I never ate so well or (2) Smelled so sweetly of artisan vegan soaps. I would literally walk out my door and there it was (Whole Foods Brighton, represent!). Salad bar galore! Vegan pizza all warm and ready-to-go! Whole Body section two aisles long. DAMN.

No, this isn’t just me waxing poetic here. This dream could be yours. Because I’m giving away a gift card. Need an idea of how to spend it? Here are some of my favorite finds at Whole Foods.

Dream Whole Foods Haul…

Finally! The answer to that burning question: What would Ashlee buy if she had a Whole Foods gift card? Well, the last time I won a Whole Foods gift card was when I won the Cupcake Category of the Earth Balance Bake-Off and here’s what I bought:

whole foods gift card the little foxes vegan vegetarian blog

Yep. Definitely the healthiest haul in the world. :-/ Here’s what I’d buy now…

  • Califia Farms Holiday Nog: Shut the front door on this one, but then open it again, because it’s good. I prefer it spiked with some chai tea and liquor, but that’s me (and probably you, too). Try it. You’re gonna like it.
  • Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Puffs: Yeah, I’m obsessed. What of it? These puffs pretty much make any holiday gathering perfect.
  • Beyond Meat: Whole Foods is the only place near me that carries the marvelous elixir of vegan life, Beyond Meat. Let me tell you something: King Ranch Casserole made with this (I’m Texan after all) = life altering. And now Beyond Meat has released that all of their soy is non-GMO.
  • Harmless Harvest Coconut Water in Cinnamon and Clove: I have it on good authority that this is some of the tastiest coconut water on the planet. And the Cinnamon and Clove version, which can only be found at Whole Foods, is BANANAS. Forget Black Friday. You people should’ve been here elbowing the double-strollers trying to get to cases of this stuff.
  • suki Beauty Pure Facial Oil: From Boston winters to Chicago winters, my visage has taken a beating. And Massachusetts-based, super-natural company, suki, has some gorgeous products that have saved my skin. I am especially in to this vitamin-rich, carrot and evening primrose facial oil, with a scent that literally takes me back and lulls me to sleep. It’s one of my favorite products ever and Whole Foods carries it.
  • Kuumba Made Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil: Hot dayyyum, I love me some Kuumba Made. And Whole Foods is where I first discovered it all. This vegan, cruelty-free, natural company is not only amazing, but is also part of our “12 Days of Giveaways,” so stay tuned for an opportunity to get to know one of their newest products.

The Little Foxes’ Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway

Look, you know you want it. You know you’d use the heck outta it. You know it’d make a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Here’s your chance. Enter to win a $25 Whole Foods gift card that can make that nice bottle of wine, delish vegan pizza to-go, or luxe skincare your or somebody’s holiday dream come true. Open to US entrants only.

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Stay tuned for more gift guides (Kiddos) AND be sure to check back TOMORROW for Day 8 of our “12 Days of Giveaways.” And visit our Day 5 and Day 6 giveaways, which are still active:


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  • Sarah C.

    I’d buy dinner for my family – maybe from the taco bar!

  • spamanda

    Love these 12 days of giveaways and thankful for your blog!

  • fairlyoddtofumom

    I’d bring coupons and stretch that 25$ as far as I could!!

  • Cowgirls & Collard Greens

    I’d fill my cart with nothing but vegan cookies. Dead. Serious. It’s the holidays after all, right? Why skimp? Love me some WFM (even though the closest one to me is 45 minutes away).

  • Carolsue


  • Allison Downes

    I would splurge on some fresh produce. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  • Helen

    I would buy myself some hard to find vegan goodies — like kytehill cheese!

  • Wild Orchid

    I would love to stock up my pantry with this gift card!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • Heather Dawn

    I would keep it for my family!

  • Sarah Hall

    I would give it to my daughter as she lives near a Whole Foods and could use it for that.

  • Katherine

    I would probably give this to my family, they love shopping there :)

  • Katherine

    I would give this to my family and not keep it for myself

  • Emily

    Only make it to Whole Foods a few times a year! We make the best of each trip!

  • pat

    I would splurge on me stuff

  • rorymichaels

    I’d buy fresh veggies and and meat to make lunch for the week!

  • Rebecca

    I would use the gift card as a kick in the arse to clean up my diet. :)