Day 6: Apinya Thai Sauces Giveaway

Can you believe we’re already halfway through our amazing “12 Days of Giveaways”? Well, today’s giveaway will warm ya up, no matter how cold the climate. Hear about the Sriracha shortage? Who cares? There’s a new Thai Chili Sauce in town. And it’ll knock your lil socks off!

apinya sauce the little foxes vegan giveaway

Get to Know Apinya Co.

Adam and Apinya are a darling couple who love to travel, and their scratch-made sauces are reflective of their journeys to far-off lands. Taking gastronomic cues from Morocco, Peru, Thailand, and other exotic locales, Apinya sauces are unique and also 100% natural, fat-free, gluten-free, vegan, and low in sodium. When Adam sent us the Thai Chili Sauce, I was expecting a sub for Sriracha. Boy, was I wrong. This stuff has a distinctive blend of hot peppers with a burst of fresh ginger. It’s more lively and fresh than Rooster Sauce and is super awesome for jazzing up any dish, especially stir frys and spring rolls.

I also love the Thai Basil Aji Sauce, which is tart and herbal, and especially nice for making unexpected salad dressings and aioli. I have yet to try the Coconut Hairssa, but since I’m bananas for both Harissa and coconut, I can only imagine the magic that sauce makes. And the bottles. Oh, lordy. The bottles are so dang cute. I can’t even stand it.

apinya sauce the little foxes vegan giveaway

So, what did I do with Apinya Co’s badass sauces? I blackened tempeh in the Thai Basil Sauce, sautéed some garlic spinach, mixed the Thai Chili Sauce with Vegenaise, and loaded it all atop toasted, sprouted grain bread. Major Sandwich Success? YES. Behold:

apinya sauce the little foxes vegan giveaway

The Little Foxes’ Apinya Co. Sauce Set Giveaway

I love bringing ya new and cool products to discover. And since Apinya is so rad, they have offered up their 3-Sauce Pack (normally a $30 value), which features the Thai Basil Aji SauceCoconut Hairssa, and Thai Chili Sauce – all vegan, all incredible. Open to US entrants only.

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Stay tuned for more gift guides (Kiddos) AND be sure to check back TOMORROW for Day 7 of our “12 Days of Giveaways.” And visit our Day 4 and Day 5 giveaways, which are still active:

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  • Carolina

    I wasn’t aware of Apinya before now. I’m very interested in trying their sauces.

  • Terri Cole

    I think all the sauces sound great, but I would probably use the Coconut Harissa first. I think it would be great for seasoning an African Peanut Stew.

  • Carolina

    I would like to use the Thai chili sauce on any dish that would be helped by some Thai flavor.

  • acookinthemaking

    I would so use that coconut harissa flavor on a curried chickpea patty. All of the flavors sound amazing!

  • Sarah

    I would use the coconut harissa as well, but on pad thai noodles!

  • stefaniegrantcassel

    I’m obsessed with anything Thai Basil! I make a mean asian inspired salad, and I bet the Thai Basil Aji sauce would make the perfect dressing!

  • Katherine

    Firstly, Ashlee.. that sandwich sounds to-die-for.. although I’ve never had vegenaise, or mayonnaise either, in fact. Is that weird? My fav sandwich is tempeh, hummus, avocado on sprouted grain :) So, I am sure I could figure out a way to incorporate one of these sauces into that sandwich! Secondly, the Thai Basil Aji sounds the best to me. Because, thai basil. The end. Swoon!

  • Becca F

    The coconut harrisa sounds delicious. I’m not sure what’d I’d eat it on but I know it’d be delicious

  • Ariel R

    The Thai Basil sauce sounds amazing. I love tomatillos so I really need to give it a try.

  • holly

    This would be the perfect christmas present for my husband. He is pretty bent out of shape about the srircha situation.

  • elarrabalero

    I just requested that they start carrying this at Central Market in San Antonio, Texas. I am dying to try it, but it looks like there’s an Apinya Desert in the middle states. I want to try the Thai Basil in my ramen!

  • Lauren E

    Ooo the Pumpkin Panang Sauce sounds awesome. I love anything pumpkin

  • Amber Gillespie

    The PUMPKIN PANANG SAUCE sounds awesome! I would use it to spice up my curried pumpkin soup!

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  • Cadry’s Kitchen

    I’d have to go with Thai Basil!

  • Lydia Claire

    They all sound good but I’d especially like to try the Thai Basil Aji sauce and marinate portobello mushrooms in the sauce before broiling them.