Holiday Gift Guide: Hard-to-Buy-For

We all have one. That person in our lives who is either (a) verrrrrrry special to us and we want to get the gift-giving right, or (b) verrrrrrry picky and we want to get them something that they’ll actually like/use/smile about this year (as opposed to last year’s debacle. Lesson learned: nobody over the age of 15 likes Drakkar Noir. Got it). Or, you’ve got someone on your list who you don’t know super well, but they do so much for you and you want to make them smile: Your maintenance or door person, teacher, that spunky senior gal down the hall who always brings a smile to your face, the daycare center, your favorite yoga instructor, the recent college grad. Here are some vegan, eco-friendly, interesting ideas to sate even the harshest gift critic, or better yet, make that super-special someone feel extra hot damn special.

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1. Allison’s Gourmet Decadent Bliss Gift Set – $280: Funny story. At Vida Vegan Con, we received the world’s most unbelievable swag bag and I immediately found the Allison’s Gourmet toffee and ate not only my portion, but my roommate’s portion, in 2 minutes flat. This shit is certifiably amazing. And don’t get freaked by the price. This is for the Maserati of candy sets. Allison has lots of other sets for you to choose from. Please send to Casa de Banjo, 111 West Maple Street, Chicago, IL. Merci!

2. Vimbly Experience – $15 and up: With thousands of no-fee classes and experiences to choose from in NYC, Chicago, Maui, Seattle, Las Vegan, Orlando, and LA (with more cities added every month), there’s bound to be something for your persnickety recipient on Vimbly. Bodypainting, helicopter tours, pub crawls, boxing, car racing, cultural food and walking tours, dance classes, cooking classes. There’s pretty much something for everyone on here.

3. Holistic Holiday At Sea – $1,395 and up: Sure, this is a cruise. And you say, “that’s a little extreme.” And I say, “some people actually give gifts like this, and I hope they’re reading my blog and like me a lot.” Seriously, though, the Holistic Holiday at Sea is the adventure of a lifetime (and if National Geographic Traveler says so, it’s true). Beautiful cruisin’ through the Caribbean, lectures and workshops from plant-based superstars like T. Colin Campbell and Rich Roll (call me), gourmet, plentiful food, daily workouts, and lots of partying with like-minded folks who dig living vegan. I envision this being the refined, floating, vegan version of Animal House. Great gift to get dad out of his midlife crisis, Hungry Man TV dinner slump. Perfect pick for your friend or family member who’s had a difficult (or very awesome) year and needs some celebrating. Great for rounding up a group of your rowdiest girlfriends and sharing a room.

4. Meow Meow Tweet Soy Candles – $14 – $22: Show me a person who doesn’t like a beautifully scented, natural candle and I’ll show you someone WHO HAS NO SOUL. Come on, guys – everybody likes candles. And these are some of the most delish-smelling candles in all the land. I am obsessed with Meow Meow Tweet’s lip balms (as I proclaimed in my interview with Vilda Magazine), their clean fragrances, and cutie-pie packaging. Roll up to Scrooge’s house and bring that bastard a Coffee Nutmeg Soy candle and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t crack a grin and bust open a bottle of the good stuff for you to share.

5. Healthy Surprise Gift Box– $50 – $105: It’s a universal truth that everybody likes snackin’. I’m sure extensive scientific studies have been done on the subject, but I can’t find those right now. What I do know is that a Healthy Surprise Box is a huge hit with pretty much every. person. on. the. planet. Every item is carefully selected for maximum tastiness and is also free of corn, gluten, soy, wheat, and is natural and vegan. Can’t you see this arriving on game day and making everyone’s little hearts leap? What a thrill for a far-away friend or relative, a teacher, your boyfriend’s parents, your fabulous elderly aunt who always remembers your birthday, the maintenance guy in your building who’s unclogged your drain a million times. Maximum snackage that’s healthy and thoughtful.

6. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Bundle in Geranium – $11: It used to be that giving cleaning products was gauche because it sort of might imply that think said recipient’s home is like an episode of Hoarders. Well, times have changed and there’s something so friendly about giving gorgeously-scented, cruelty-free  goodies that make housework more spa-like than a chore. This scent is especially magical, and I love bundling this with some other housewares for a super-nice housewarming, hostess, or new baby gift. Once they smell and use these effective, gorgeous products, your recipients will never go back to harsh and cruel Pine Sol and the like.

7. The Vegan Vine Wine Club – $14 and up: Ah, wine. The elixir of friendship. Or is it the ambrosia of hooking up? Whatever. When in doubt (and unless the recipient is a recovering alcoholic or a sober sally), a thoughtfully-selected bottle of wine is a lovely gift. And The Vegan Vine takes it a step further – no creepy animal ingredients, filters, or finishers, just good tasting vino. Hey, if John Salley is backing this, you know it’s a party in a bottle. And their wine club allows you to send four bottles per quarter to someone special. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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