Holiday Gift Guide: Girlfriends

Oh hai there. It’s me. Your little friend who has scoured the internet for fun things you can gift this season. The first installment is for the fabulous, foxy, wonderful lady friends in your life (be they sisters, gal pals, etc) who keep you balanced, laughing, and mischievous. All vegan and cruelty-free, of course.

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1. LVX Holiday Trio Gift Set – $36: It’s no secret that I adore LVX. Their chemical- and 5-Free line of vegan and cruelty-free polishes boast fashion-forward colors, and this holiday kit is no exception with glistening metallics and a classic cherry red. Added bonus? 20% of the proceeds go to PETA, who contrary to mixed feelings about the organization, have launched this truly creative and effective “Fur Hurts” campaign in China, one of the world’s worst places for animal rights.

2. Hipsters for Sisters Black Flat Waist Belt Bag – $145: It used to be that fanny packs were considered more Napoleon Dynamite than chic (“Why’d you steal my tots?”), but HFS is changing that. These versatile all-vegan bags are not only gorgeous, but can be worn as a clutch, shoulder bag, and a hip pack (perfect for when you’re walking the pups).

3. Day2Night Bangle Bracelet with Hidden Elastic – $28: For those of us who perpetually wear a hair elastic around our wrist “just in case” we need a ponytail in the middle of that big meeting or date, Day2Night, the geniuses behind versatile fashion, have created a patent-pending bangle that’s as functional as it is cute. At first blush, it’s a bangle. But the bangle holds a hair tie. Made from recycled brass, this bangle is easy on the earth, too. Now, pick your jaw up off the floor and getcha one.

4. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte – $14: I love me some Danielle LaPorte, and I reckon you will, too. Her no nonsense, heart-inspired guidance for setting and actualizing goals is an awesome gift for anyone, and will set your friends’ 2014 in motion in a wonderful, positive, motivational way.

5. Pansy Maiden Canteen Bag – $39: This versatile canteen bag is not only handmade from gorgeous Mexican blanket fabric, but the style is so light and versatile, your pal will be wearing it everywhere – from a night on the town, to hiking Macchu Picchu.

6. Aromi Lipstick in Jacqueminot – $17: A nourishing vegan lipstick in the most coveted pinup red color. It’ll be a vampy staple in her makeup bag and evening clutch. And the newly redone packaging is so so so lush.

7. Mineral Fusion Bronzers in Luster and Sparkle – $21 each: Give the gift of perpetual summer glow with my favorite compact bronzer. Sleek enough to stash in her handbag and a nice reminder of sunny fun to come once winter thaws.

8. TheEverygirl “Keep Not Settling” Print – $30: Add an IKEA frame and give your bestie the gift of ongoing inspiration. This delightful print imparts the ever-important message to never settle and keep on keepin’ on from one of the blogosphere’s most exciting sites for women (whose new shop is so darling and we want everything in it. The end).

9. Maijan Radiance Herbal Facial Steamer & Argan Oil Kit – $27.97: Skip the spa price tag and give your pal an aromatic facial steam and hydrating treatment at home. The steam does double-duty by protecting and purifying skin and boosting mood and immunity (and soothing sniffles) with the therapeutic herbs. The argan essential oil blend is heavenly hydration for hair, skin, and nails.

10. Djuna Shay Luxe Knot Winter Headband – $38: When it comes to winter, fashion often takes a back seat to warmth. Not so with Djuna Shay’s darling and cuddly accessories. There are luxe scarves and these adorably cozy fleece-lined winter headbands that are wide enough to cover your ears, but open enough to accommodate your trademark sock bun. The exclusive designs are printed on organic cotton with chemical-free, water-based inks, and you can’t get these designs anywhere else. We’re especially partial to the “pigs are flying” print.

photo credit: seagrass interiors

photo credit: seagrass interiors

Other ideas:

Go Thriftin’: Low on dough? I feel ya. Why not scout out your local thrift store for cool vintage housewares? A pretty cake stand becomes an incredible gift with a fresh cake and recipe attached. A charming milk-glass vase is transformed in to the ultimate day-brightener when filled with some fir stalks and flowers. That Mad Men-esque casserole dish is a knockout gift of Joan Halloway proportions when filled with your signature mac and cheese with the recipe attached.

Give the Gift of Time: In our busy-bee society, we often throw money at situations that really would benefit better from time. Give your friends the gift of time, by arranging a meaningful hangout. No phones, no social media, lots of mulled wine and belly laughs, perhaps some carbs and sappy movies. Or volunteer for a cause you all care about together. Making memories is a marvelous gift and it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

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  • littlestmartha

    Hey Ashlee! I just published my Gift Guide blog post recently and love how you organized your content. Well done! I have been hankering for a vegan purse but this one is a bit smaller than I’m used to. Do you have any other vegan purse recommendations?

    • The Little Foxes

      Hi there! Thank you for the kind comment! As far as vegan purse recommendations, I have LOADS. If you scroll through some of my “Look Lists,” I’ve done a few with a fair number of purses over the past few seasons. That said, I really like Co-Lab, Matt and Nat, Pansy Maiden, Jill Milan, GUNAS, I could go on and on! For work bags that are lightweight and super-functional, I actually really dig Lululemon’s bags. I have one from a few years ago that is so essential and has held up beautifully. I also like Shiraleah, which is a Chicago-based company that works with vegan leathers. Angela & Roi make nice basic bags, too. Nice holiday guide, btw, and beautiful blog. Well done to you, too, and nice to know you. :)

  • Jacqueline Fisch

    Some mulled wine and Danielle Laporte is all I need for Christmas!

    • The Little Foxes

      …and some of that tasty mug cake you just posted on FB. DAAAAYUM, woman. :)

  • Kylie

    Yes please.

  • stefaniegrantcassel

    These are such good ideas, I would love to get any one of them as a gift! I definitely have to check out LVX and Djuna Shay!

    • The Little Foxes

      Thank you! xo

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    I need to get down with that belt bag situation, STAT!

  • Jalpa

    Love this list. Happy Holidays!

  • Jenné @ Sweet Potato Soul

    Great list Ashlee! I’m definitely giving The Desire Map this year (to myself included). I just watched Danielle on MarieTV, and was so moved by her sincerity.
    I just discovered your blog via Pansy Maiden, and I’m so glad I did : )

    • The Little Foxes

      Thank you, Jenne! It’s an honor to *meet* you, especially since I love your site. Hooray for new friendships!

  • Deborah Smikle-Davis

    What a wonderful collection of healthy, conscious gifts for my girlfriends! I especially love the lipstick and facial steamer!

    • The Little Foxes

      Thank you! I can attest that both the lipstick and the facial steamers are AMAZING. Firstly, it’s tough to find a good vegan lipstick, and Aromi is the real deal. She makes them by hand in small batches and the ingredients are flawless. The steamers are awesome (I just did a steam because I feel a cold coming on). Such a gift that keeps on giving. So happy you’re liking the lists! It’s readers like you that bring me so much joy! Happy holidays!

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  • Karissa Bowers

    That bangle is so clever! I need one! I always have a hair tie on my wrist even though it’s distracting to a cute outfit haha.

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