Friday’s Foxy Finds: Casual Friday

Is there any day more glorious than Friday? Even for those of us who work from home or make our own hours, Friday still holds a certain sacredness, so ripe with hope and possibility. The morning coffee feels like a joy, rather than a chore, and the questions of the day, usually mundane, buzz with a new excitement. What am I gonna have for lunch? (Answer: You’re gonna have that badass coconut curry lentil soup you made last night.) What am I going to do after work?  (Answer: You’re going to go see Dallas Buyer’s Club, because it looks amazing.)

Today, I feel like I’m having a casual Friday because last night I attended a lovely charity event celebrating women writers in Chicago. And I wore a dress and bronzer and had a schmancy LVX manicure done. This is a nice departure from my work-from-home “uniform,” as my boyfriend unaffectionately calls it, which entails a deliciously lived-in PETA “Mean People Wear Fur” shirt from 2009, sweatpants, glasses, and usually some variety of pinned up hair. Here’s photographic evidence of me actually being dressed up. The lights are kind. So, so kind.

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In honor of Isabel Marant’s eagerly awaited collection debuting at H&M today (much of which is, by default, vegan), I’m sharing some of my favorite animal-free finds that can dress up a basic tee and jeans for a blessed casual Friday. Some are so new, you can’t buy them yet. Don’t fret – just get your hot little fingers ready to click the mouse when they officially debut.

Casual Friday, Vegan Style

casual friday the little foxes ashlee piper vegan style food beauty

1. Fed by Threads Organic Nisha Jacket – $72: This company is pretty amazing. Fed by Threads is America’s only Made-In-America organic ethical vegan clothing boutique that feeds 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans via foodbanks per item sold. And this jacket makes doing good so easy with its structured, but comfy style and 3/4 length sleeve. Believe you’ll have this in your closet forever and ever. Keep your ears perked for more FBT on TLF (acronyms!) – we’re going to be doing a badass collaboration soon!

2. Isabel Marant pour H&M Beaded Belt – $49: Is tribal a little summery? Sure. How many fucks do I give? NONE, because this belt is so fantastic. Cotton and beads upon beads will dress up your jeans and would pair beautifully with a white tee and that major Fed by Threads jacket.

3. Topshop Mirrored Flowers on Box Chain Necklace – $40: In my world, statement necklaces will never go away. I’ll bet money that at 80 years old, I’ll be like a Miss Havisham of statement necklaces, clutching to them in my dimly-lit, cobweb-infested house, refusing to let the trend go. This one is particularly amazing. Mirrors! Gold! Silver! Gems! It’s all so much, and so what a basic outfit needs.

4. Beyond Skin Evie in Black Faux Leather – $217: A general rule-of-thumb in life should be, “if it’s good enough for Natalie Portman, it’s good enough for me.” These shoes are no exception. Comfy, Art Deco-y, casual, dressy, a little shiny, and a little soft.

5. SS14 Collection, Arden Wohl for Cri de Coeur – $TBD: Are you salivating yet? This incredible collection, inspired by Klimt and the art and symbolism movement, is so rich with lucite heels, metallics, lush florals, a pop of neon, and holy hell do I want these on my feet right now.

6. Shiraleah Lyn Scarf in Olive – $25: I gotta give it up to Chicago-based Shiraleah. Most of their handbags and accessories are vegan, and they donate significant proceeds to charity. I love this basic acrylic scarf with a pop of lemony yellow.

7. GUNAS Admiral Bag – $350: Sure, this bag is an investment. It’s also a dreamy astral trip to the moon that features supple material, loads of gems, and a Great Gatsby aesthetic that is going to be interesting and relevant for seasons to come.

8. A Peace Treaty Iina Earrings – $105: You gotta love a company that started as “a personal pact between a Pakistani Muslim and a Libyan Jew” (no, this is not a “walk in to a bar…” joke) and “creates employment for skilled artisans working in places of socio-political strife, effectively supporting their technique and craft while elevating their products to the level of high design for an exclusive and international fashion audience.” And elevate their craft, they do. These earrings are part edgy/part classic, and will be in your rotation for decades to come.

9. Isabel Marant pour H&M Jacket with Beaded Embroidery – $399: While the materials listing says “cotton,” that trim looks a bit like wool to me, so I have a call in to H&M to see what else comprises this stunning jacket. Fingers crossed it’s all vegan, because it’s truly an art piece.

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