Review + Giveaway: INIKA Cosmetics

Guys, we all love giveaways. And I try my best to give you a lot of ’em. And while every giveaway is super-special, this particular one is kind of the JAM. Why? Because we ain’t triflin’ with one lipstick or a sample of blush. No, no. Today, INIKA Cosmetics, who kindly sent me their gorgeous collection reviewed below, is giving away the entire kit-and-kaboodle to one damn lucky The Little Foxes reader.

INIKA The little foxes review giveaway vegan cosmetics

About INIKA Cosmetics

INIKA is a luxury, non-toxic, all-vegan cosmetics company from the great “land down under.” No, not Texas. We’re talking Australia, guys. And, in addition to being gorgeous, the products are certified (read: LEGIT) as entirely vegan (by the UK Vegan Society), cruelty-free (by Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation), Halal (by the Australian Federation of Islamic Council), non-toxic (as a Truth in Beauty brand), and many items are organic (by Australia’s Organic Food Chain). The packaging and brushes are also made from recycled materials and are recyclable. This is the kind of shit I like – products that perform, but also have a lot of other virtues that just make you feel good. Check this code of ethics out:

INIKA The little foxes review giveaway vegan cosmetics

About the “Prolong Your Tan” Collection

INIKA sent me this collection of products intended to “extend your summer tan.” This was really thoughtful of them, but also made me LOL, because anyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a “summer tan.” I have a personal complexion spectrum that goes from apparition white (where you can see my circulatory system) to lobsta rosy (which appears when I’ve had too much drink, karaoke, and/or too much sun), and thaaaaaat’s about it. But hey, if I can fake the nice glow that I see other, less porcelain people have, by golly, I’m gonna do it. Banjo made this swatch of colors so you can see how it all goes down…From left to right in order:

INIKA The little foxes review giveaway vegan cosmetics

  1. Light Reflect Highlighting Cream: I really liked the mousse-like texture of this cream and I started using it religiously by mixing it with my foundation to create a dewy, glowy tinted moisturizer look. Did it illuminate me? You betcha it did.
  2. Lipstick in Coral: I’m usually not the type to wear coral on my lips because I fear the purported washing out and teeth yellowing effects that orangey lip color can have on a fair complexion. But this lipstick was more shimmery and sheer than opaque and worked nicely with the rest of the collection. It also worked well as a cream blush that I’d pat along my cheekbones.
  3. Mineral Blush in Peachy Keen: By far, my favorite of the collection. Peach blush makes any complexion look healthy and happy, but it’s really lovely for those of us who are pale. Silky (without the silk, of course), buildable, and just sparkly enough to light up the face without making me look like a disco queen.
  4. Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed: The term “bronzer” usually freaks me out and reminds me of times of yore when I would go clubbing and get too crazy with the Wet n’ Wild and look like a weird skeleton. This bronzer is gentle and light, and allowed me to build and contour beautifully. It’s more illuminating than bronzing, so I didn’t get that harsh Housewives of the O.C. look. I also loved using this product as an eyeshadow. Very fawn-like and subtle.
  5. Blush Brush: Soft, with fine bristles that carry and sweep the powders on beautifully. I used this brush with the entire collection and absolutely fell in love with it.

Here are a few annoying selfies of me wearing the collection night and day, so you can see how they look:

INIKA The little foxes review giveaway vegan cosmetics

Evening, Inside: Wearing Light Reflecting Cream, Blush, and Bronzer. Don’t mind my kitchen, yo.

INIKA The little foxes review giveaway vegan cosmetics

Daytime, Outside: Wearing entire collection. Nerdy with glasses.

The Little Foxes’ INIKA Cosmetics HAUL Giveaway

I don’t use the term “haul” lightly. This giveaway is a haul in the truest sense because there are FIVE fresh (as in, not the ones I sampled), full-sized products here, babies: (1) Mineral Bronzer, (1) Mineral Blush, (1) Blush Brush, (1) Lipstick, (1) Light Reflect Highlighting Cream. YOU’RE WELCOME, you little foxy pants, you.

I think you’re gonna dig these goodies and getting to know INIKA. If you’re local to Chicago, you can check out the collection first-hand at the wonderful, vegan-friendly Starship Salon. If you’re not in Chicago, check out INIKA’s stockists to see if you can play with these beauties in person. Or just check out the website and drool at all the fineness. Enter and enjoy. Giveaway closes next Friday, October 18th.

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  • Deanne O’Donnell

    I can’t live without black eyeliner.

  • Charity


  • Julie Hasson

    I can’t live without eyeliner and lipstick: ) What a fabulous giveaway!

  • Ashley

    I can go without anything but mascara (blonde eyelashes). I need to switch out all my old stuff for cruelty free products though!

  • terry

    bad gal lash mascara!

  • Ann Matteson

    BB Cream

  • addie

    I’m obsessed with the OCC Lip Tar in nude. It’s amazing and I can’t get enough. And Korres Mascara. Yes, please.

  • Cristina

    Face Powdah. don’t typically wear liquid because it’s so hot and humid most of the time.

  • Elizabeth Gardner

    Need a good foundation!

  • Anna Kersey

    Mascara! <3

  • Carisa

    Love this! It really is a ton!! :)

  • Veggie V! @ Veggie V’s Vegan Adventure


  • Ange

    My makeup must-have is a basic light foundation!

  • Kim Oakes

    I am obsessed with my brow pencil!

    • The Little Foxes

      ‘Atta girl. :)

  • Becca F

    My mascara and lipbalm are a must have

  • Chance

    Foundation is my must have! Inika’s liquid one smells so good and goes on so naturally, it’s definitely my must have.

  • Ashley Dempsey

    BareMinerals – Brilliant Gold Brightening Mineral Veil

  • psychfever

    Definitely eye primer

  • Kate Wassel Williams

    Mascara is a must!

  • robovixen

    I need an undereye concealer no matter what! My runner up is a good eyebrow pencil/powder.

  • Marisa


  • Rebecca Charles

    Will this makeup make me as pretty as you? Cuz then I can’t live without it!!

  • duckyjd

    Eyeliner for sure! :) (But thank goodness it’s no longer the 80’s – I went through a sapphire blue eyeliner + purple eyeshadow phase. eeek)

  • Irene Capron

    Mascara is always my necessary product

  • Brianna Wilson

    My moisturizer and mascara are my must haves, they keep me from feeling like a walking zombie in the morning. They kinda just help my face say “good morning world”

  • clairesuellentrop

    Hnnnnnnnnng. So is this open to an international audience? ‘Cause China ain’t exactly known for its ethical production methods.

    I’m also still on the hunt for the right lipstick replacement.

  • Liz

    I can’t seem to live without BB cream or lipstick!

  • K Roberts


  • Bri W

    I don’t leave the house without my moisturizer and mascara.

  • mahditanoshi

    I must have lip gloss and/or lip balm all the time! I always carry softlips lip balm and about ten other lip products in my purse. I can’t stand dry lips!

  • Nora

    I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but as of yesterday, I have reached an age where I need a little of everything. Definitely a little something to smooth out my skin tone. Damn I’m old.

  • goodstorysarah

    The brushes look so sleek! I’d love to try one!

  • fittingintovegan

    eye liner and mascara!

  • Teri Hoffman

    Waterproof mascara!

  • ammauceri

    Lip gloss! I love a good shiny lip. :)

  • Hailey

    I usually just wear mascara (from Pacifica) because I hate searching for/ spending money on trying vegan cosmetics that don’t make me break out. But this all looks great! I’d love to try it. Thank you so much for the giveaway :)

  • rika@veganmiam

    I love that name, Inika, it almost sounded like my name! Plus, I have never heard of that cosmetics line…besides Swagger Cosmetics.

  • rika@veganmiam

    Eyeliner is my makeup-must product!

  • Yvonne

    A good foundation – a relaxed skin that glows is the first thing that shows!

  • Yvonne

    A good foundation gives the skin a relaxed appearence – it’s the first thing that people notice from a face! Than mascara, of course;

  • thymeandlove


  • sarah robertson

    My must have is mascara and powder! If nothing else in the world, wake me up and get rid of shine! Otherwise I am a goon and love lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and concealer for the eyes :)

  • Jennifer K

    My must-have is definitely foundation to even out my skin tone

  • Sarah


  • Cee

    Concealer. I don’t know if it’s genetics, allergies, chronic lack of sleep from being a mom…but concealer is my undereye-circle savior!

  • Gintare

    eyeliner. it always does the magic for me

  • Shauna Badeker

    Being a vegan for almost three years now is amazing! I am still trying to get the handle on vegan make up though!

  • Shauna Badeker

    I also MUST have liquid black eye liner

  • shanbogen

    meow meow tweet lip balm… not sure if that counts as makeup!! i usually go pretty light on makeup because reasonably priced ones are hard to find..

  • readysetveg

    black mascara!

  • Sarah


  • Sarah

    Mascara for sure!

  • Laura Carneiro de Azevedo

    my must have is foundation
    hope it’s international :)

  • Candy Hoffman

    I’m in love with mineral blush because of the way it just makes my face glow!

  • Dori


  • Rose Hayes-Dineen

    booda butter as highlighter, chapstick/gloss, or body butter!

  • Rachel Schneider

    my must have makeup product is mascara

  • Justine McD.

    I have two must haves, eye liner (brown, black or gray) and mascara. I’m just not complete without them!

  • Emily


  • Marla

    I don’t typically wear much makeup (more as I get older), but I can’t do without lipstick.

  • Wendy

    Foundation is a must for me!

  • Lydia Grossov

    Eye shadow