Tune In: Vegan Fall Fashion on Good Day Chicago

I’m On Good Day Chicago!

gooddaychiSo, cool times up in here! Tomorrow morning (9/24) at 8:15am Central Time, I’ll be reppin’ this sweet little vegan blog and talkin’ cruelty-free, vegan fall fashion with the gorgeous Anna Davlantes on Good Day Chicago on Fox. If you’re in Chicago, by all means, tune in! If you’re otherwise located or engaged, you can watch the live feed here. And, of course, You can watch it here, like RIGHT NOW:

If you’re reading this now, I’ve probably had like, five margaritas to calm down (Joking, Fox!). I love this stuff, but television would make even the mightiest of souls nervous.

What Is “Vegan Fashion”?

ashlee piper photo credit monica frager the little foxes vegan style good day chicago

I’m so glad you asked!

All of these looks are free of leathers, skins, furs, silk, wool, feathers, and any other animal-based or -tested glues, dyes, or materials (because those are mean and nasty). Many of these companies use sustainable processes, and/or recycled, eco-friendly materials that make the Earth happy, and practice fair labor standards to empower women in other countries and skilled artisans here at home. All of them are stylish as heck and prove that being vegan no longer means you have to resign yourself to a life of bad pleather and tie-dyed shirts. If you have more questions about what constitutes “vegan” fashion, check out this post I did for Vegucated or hit me up at the contact information at the bottom of this post.

Can I Just Buy The Stuff Already?

Why, I thought you’d never ask! Here are the items shown, by model, so if you love something, you can get right to purchasing it. And because all of these gorgeous, ethical companies want you to get to know them a little better (or, if you already know them, get to know their new fall collections), some are offering SERIOUS deals, as in coupon codes. As in, giddy up, wallets – you’re gonna get some exercise today…YEEHAW!

cri de couer bijou platform loafer vegan the little foxes ashlee piperLook #1: Yerika

In addition to being a baker, model, and jewelry designer, Yerika is also PETA’s Sexiest Vegan of the Year. A good person to have modeling clothes.  We dressed up this super-comfy, architectural dress with classic riding boots and a rich-looking bag for an artsy, but polished look.

Annie Annie the little foxes good day chicago vegan fashionLook #2: Annie

Annie was also one of the front runners for PETA’s Sexiest Vegan of the Year (a lot of sexy vegans, I tell ya…), and she is rocking this sleek and sparkly work-to-cocktails look, complete with the only laptop bag you’ll ever need.

Alex Annie Annie the little foxes good day chicago vegan fashionLook #3: Alex

Alex is a cutie pie and vegan pastry chef at the famous Chicago Diner. She’s rocking this 60’s-style dress with statement collar and sweet clutch, which make for an effortless and darling work(a library, perhaps?)-to-date look.

Toni Alex Annie Annie the little foxes good day chicago vegan fashionLook #4: Toni

Toni can pretty much make anything look good, but she really pulls off this romantic-and-tough-meets-Reality-Bites-esque combo beautifully. A comfy, sculptural dress, essential motorcycle boots in the season’s hottest metallic, a one-of-a-kind waxed canvas trench, and a tough bag and pretty scarf = Effortless, comfy, cool. Now, where’s Matt Dillon?

Kit Toni Alex Annie Annie the little foxes good day chicago vegan fashionLook #5: Kit

Kit is a fellow food blogger and friend, and while all of her food is perfectly cooked, she’s positively smokin’ in this slick day-to-night ensemble with super-chic pumps (that are reportedly favs with veg celebs like Anne Hathaway and Emily Deschanel) and a supple day-to-night statement bag.

And What Are You Wearing, Ashlee?

cri de couer bijou platform loafer vegan the little foxes ashlee piper

I’m wearing the most hot-damn-adorable “Bijou” wooden platform loafers from Cri de Coeur ($175). Remember, Cri de Coeur is offering 20% OFF on all orders with the coupon code “CHICAGO20” valid through 09/29. In other words, JUMP ON IT.

You Should Also Check out:

Nicora Johns is one of my favorite up-and-coming shoe companies, and unfortunately, the amazing, handmade pair of “Newborn Sally’s” master shoemaker, Stephanie, made for me did not arrive in time to appear on the segment. But, fear not! You can still get your own pair and many others at her new site. Salivate over this coolness.

nicora johns the little foxes vegan american made eco friendly sustainable shoesStephanie is a 3rd generation shoemaker who works with only eco- and animal-friendly materials with the goal of revitalizing the art of American shoemaking again (Seriously. When was the last time you saw a shoe that was made in America?!). She pays skilled-artisans a living wage to do their craft in the U.S. And each and every pair is stylish and handmade. Check this stuff out here.

Like Their Lipstick?

It’s a mixture of “Vintage” Lip Tar Matte and “Rhythm Box” Lip Tar Stained Gloss from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. All vegan and totally cruelty-free (as in, no animals were harmed in the making of those fabulous fall pouts!). $18 each. Meow!

occ cosmetics vegan makeup lip gloss lip tar the little foxes vegan american made eco friendly sustainable shoes

Let’s Stay In Touch

Want to know more about cruelty-free fashion, beauty, cooking, or how to live la vida compassionate? Hit me up at thelilfoxes [at] gmail.com.

And even if you don’t have a question, follow my blog and social media below to get the latest of vegan style and beauty, tasty, healthy recipes (we were recently listed as a favorite food blog by Refinery29), and general musings that will make your life (and those of many animals) a whole lot nicer. Thanks for watching, reading, caring about animals, and generally being rad.


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