Friday’s Foxy Finds

You know those days when you’re perusing the internets for fun accessories and then you look up and realized that you’ve spent three freaking hours on Etsy? Yeah, me neither.

It’s Friday, mammerjammers and I’m coming at ya with some foxy finds! Despite my pale and dainty (not really dainty) looks, I like me some gold chainz. In fact, gold and rose gold are my favorites (silver makes me look like a washed out ice queen). Here are some foxy necklaces, many that are gold, a few that are chains. Enjoy!

Fox Necklaces for Every Taste

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1) Tree Wood Fox Necklace by warmcoat on Etsy – $18.00

I just discovered this whimsical little necklace-and-pendant-makin’ shop/person on etsy and I’m now completely obsessed and want them to come and live with me and make me necklaces all the time.

2) Dainty Fox Necklace in Rose Gold by Siukwan on Etsy – $11.00

Dainty and delicate, this rose gold-plated necklace is modern enough to wear with a crisp white shirt and your favorite jeans. It’ll make all those bitches wearing their Tiffany necklaces totally JELLY.

3) Fox Chain Necklace by KoolKonnections on Nordstrom – $24.00

I feel the same way about the Nordstrom Juniors Department as I do about Forever21: Screw the age prescriptions. I love the Nordy Jr department because they usually have awesome vegan handbags (deux lux, Big Buddha…) and on-trend stuff for a song. While a little M.I.A.-tough looking, this necklace could be a fun, unexpected addition to a high-necked black dress or a dressy tank and blazer. Plus, people will know not to mess with you, Mr. T.-style.

4) Gold Origami Fox Necklace by Shlomit Ofir on Max and Chloe – $70.00

Architectural and abstract enough to not have people thinking you shop exclusively at the Nordstrom Juniors Department, while the pastels still make this fun and youthful.

5) Silva Pendant Necklace on Anthropologie – $28.00

This is a vegan fox who cares about getting enough exercise. How do I know this? Because he’s caught mid-leap and he’s surrounded by nice, crystal fruits and such. A whimsical necklace that makes a fun statement.

6) 14K Solid Gold Fox Necklace by artemer on Etsy – $280.00

For those of you who prefer your jewelry mighty fine, I present this cozy fox rendered in solid 14K gold. I’m not sure how ethical the gold this artisan works with is, but the studio is in Jerusalem and everything in the shop is making me wild with desire.

7) Star Fox Necklace by Beach Bones Jewelry on Etsy – $70.00

Don’t let the jewelry maker’s name fool you – there are no bones in this necklace. Hip and abstract, this necklace looks a bit like a fox without being too campy.

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  • jesse.anne.o

    Warmcoat. Very cute. Favoriting spree: concluded.