Friday’s Foxy Finds

It’s Friday (cue the Rebecca Black…or not), so here are some foxy finds that I am BANANAS over right now. And, what’s more? Many of them benefit animal rights and welfare causes. BOOM. Gift giving? You’re welcome.

(1) “Get The Fox Outta Here” Shirt by Fur Free Los Angeles ($32):

foxy finds the little foxes fur free los angeles vegan vegetarian cute shirt

Everybody knows that the quickest way to lose friends and hear nasties shouted at you where’er you go is to wear fur. It’s cruel, gross, and basically shows that a person has no soul. But places like Intermix (also known as, “Don’t shop here unless you’re a size 0 and carry $1,000 bills on the regular-mix”) and Kitson refuse to stop selling fur because some people, like, desperately need it in the Siberia of Los Angeles to stay warm/look haggish. Thank heavens for Fur Free Los Angeles, a badass advocacy collective whose mission is to make LA (and eventually the WORLD) a fur-free place. I can get behind that. And with a shirt this cute (v-neck, foxes, sassy slogan that doesn’t feature something bleeding), you can believe I’ll be wearing this out to the club (seriously, with a blazer and some skinny jeans…).

Get yours (in a v-neck or a tank top) here and join the campaign.

(2) Animal Pendant Necklaces by Vegan Cuts ($15):

fox necklace vegan cuts the little foxes ashlee piper recipe style vegetarian

I saw these at Vida Vegan Con and nearly lost my marbles. Why? Because they’re darling. And because they weren’t for sale yet. So, it was a look, but don’t touch kind of situation. Now, (HALLELUJAH!) they’re on pre-sale at Vegan Cuts. These darling critters are carved from sustainable maple wood (they smell like a campfire when you get ’em) and are strung on a silver plated vintage chain that is just the right length for wearing with summer’s flowy tops. Big bonus is that 10% of the proceeds go to your choice of charities: Compassion Over Killing or Animal Place. Pretty much the best gift for you or someone else (psst: I want the rabbit) ever.

Get the whole menagerie here.

(3) LUSH Charity Pot Lotion Benefitting the New Hampshire Animal Rights League ($5.95 – $22.95):

new hampshire animal rights league lush charity pot the little foxes vegan vegetarian recipes style beauty

Ylang ylang, almond oil, and fair trade cocoa butter make this lotion smell divine and feel silky. But Charity Pot is more than just a pretty face – 100% of the profits are donated to charity, and the one I really love is the foxy packaging of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League. The League is dedicated to protecting animals by promoting a vegan diet and encouraging alternatives and superior choices to the use of animals for food, research, and entertainment. Boom. Who doesn’t like that? Get yours now, and find yourself “awing” at the little fox on the lid. Awwwwww.

You can purchase this lush goody here, and be sure to check out the other incredible charities LUSH donates to through the program here.

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  • Rachel in Veganland

    I love all of those fox things! They’re oh so darling and so very fitting for your lovely blog!