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So, first, I owe you an apology. Tuesday passed and there was no cookie. WTF? How did this happen? It happened when I was hugging my guy the other night and said, “I gotta make a Tuesday’s Cookie for tomorrow,” and he said, “Babe, today is Tuesday.” JEEBUS. So, I’ll just commit to making the next Tuesday’s Cookie so freaking magical that you will forgive and love me all over again. Yes.

[Disclaimer: If you’re not a vegan / blogger or you don’t care about major vegan blog linking, pictures of me, or pictures of food, reading more may make you uncomfortable. There’s a lot of name-dropping + partying + vegan realness up in here, so gird your loins…whatever that means]

Many of you know (because you were there), that I had the pleasure of going to the Vida Vegan Con Conference in Portland, Oregon this past weekend. This is a conference where vegan bloggers, writers, and personalities of all kinds come together to learn, network, and make merry. And because the conference was held in Portland – vegan mecca of the U.S. – that itinerary also included eating and drinking our faces off. At least mine did. The conference was epic, so this account isn’t exhaustive (…though it might feel that way – pack a pillow.), but it should give ya a little taste, and hopefully make you hungry for more.

the little foxes vegan recipes style ashlee piper vida vegan con

  • Travel Route: Chicago, ORD —> Portland, PDX
  • Travel Companion: Kyla Page, friend, non-sexual life partner, and owner/operator of Betsy and Her Vegan
the little foxes vegan recipes style vegetarian ashlee piper

kyla + me – taxicab selfies

  • Flight Conditions: Turbulent (Jesus.)
  • Arrived: Thursday evening (with every intention of heading out and eating and such, but instead gabbed like girlfriends do until 3am. Still time well spent.)

VVC Day One – Friday

8:00 am: We rose early and got gussied up. We ate at Veggie Grill (which was located DEADLY close to the Conference space) and it was delish. Then I had a Stumptown Cold Press coffee and off to VVC we went!

the little foxes ashlee piper vegan style fashion food vida vegan con portland recipes vegetarian veggie grill

crack is whack, but veggie grill is #totesamaze.

9:30 am: Enter the Portland Museum of Art. Sheesh, this place is nice. Like, art museum nice, and it’s already filled to the gills with people you just know are bloggers. How do you know this? Because they’re hoarding swag like it’s their jobs and they’re moving to the windows to take freaking pictures of it with their big, beautiful cameras. Only food bloggers do that shit. And people with OCD. We get our mind-blowing swag bags (yes, the rumors are true) and they weigh literally 30lbs. I am prone to hyperbole, but not this time – those bags were literally jam packed with goodness: Whole jars of chocolate peanut butter, a giant bag of Amaranth…it may not sound exciting, but to vegans, you may as well have just handed us a Maserati. There were even vanilla + strawberry creme flavored dental dams and condoms in our bags. It’s as if the wonderful organizers (thank you, lovelies) had HIGH hopes for our weekend exploits. We didn’t use ours, but I did have a good laugh as sweet Kyla was like, “What is that? A bib?”

the little foxes ashlee piper vegan style fashion food vida vegan con portland recipes vegetarian

one FOURTH of the stuff we actually got. i seriously couldn’t fit it all in my bag. our housekeeper is probably eating that attune hemp cereal as we speak. get it, girl!

9:35 am: We fill out the cute VVC nametags. And then we mosey in to the expo.

the little foxes ashlee piper vegan style fashion food vida vegan con portland recipes vegetarian

this is me and my nametag. it had a poorly drawn fox on it. you can’t see it.

9:45 am: There were vegan products e’rrywhere. So Delicious, Go Veggie, Bob’s Red Mill, Coconut Bliss, Wayfare Foods, Peanut Butter & Co., Compassion Couture, Tofurky, Vegan Cuts, Chicago Vegan Foods, Upton’s Naturals, Kevita, Heidi Ho Organics, Nasoya (with their tasty new whipped Nayonaise), Attune Foods (the table for which was run by the delightful purse-addict, K. Sloggett who runs spabettie. Her new name, we’ve decided, is Bloggett), The Better Bean Company, and SO many more [HIRE ME].

10:45 am: Really epic spread. I grab some ridiculously good coffee (this is Portland, after all) at the free coffee/beverage/freshen’ up stand and brace myself. My bag is about to get a whole lot heavier. Praise be!

11:00 am: We meet cool people. We mingle. Finally got to put the beautiful faces to the names of Diane of Veggie Girl, Sharon of Big City Vegan, Whitney of EcoVeganGal, Kristy of Keepin’ It Kind, Tashina of Logical Harmony, Angela of Oh She Glows, and many mo’. Amey of Vegan Eats and Treats and Kittee of Cake Maker to the Stars blow me away with their sweetness. Lots of, “Oh hey, I see your stuff on FB”-type stalker talk commences.


12:45 pm: We attended some workshops. The first of which was about Food Styling officiated by the darling Hannah Kaminsky of Bittersweet and My Sweet Vegan. Have you see this little bit? She’s a tiny force to be reckoned with. She’s talented. And most of all, she’s NICE (not everyone in this industry is nice…) – I introduced myself to her and mentioned that we’d communicated on Twitter (like once before), and she gave me a huge hug. And she had her equally darling mother there. She’s my kind of people.

1:45 pm: Second workshop was run by the idolriffic Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Oh, you don’t know her? Go fuck yourself. Just kidding (sort of). She’s only the author of many vegan cookbooks (pretty much every vegan ever has laid hands over the Veganomicon and prayed) and proprietress of the Post Punk Kitchen. She taught us how to use our iPhones to talk decent food shots. This is helpful for me because I am not getting a camera anytime soon. We left with scraps of fabric that she had used in her recent cookbook shots (Isa Does It, out soon) and warm fuzzies.

isa chandra moskowitz ppk vegan the little foxes vida vegan con recap

here’s isa with terry hope romero, being carefree + sassy for the NYTimes awhile back. [i only have pics of isa doing karaoke + me thinks she wouldn’t want that posted. that said, she did a chilling rendition of “teenage dirtbag,” and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place].

2:45 pm: I attended a panel about recipe writing with pal Dreena Burton, Nava Atlas, and my girl crush, Terry Hope Romero. Lots of good advice and diverse perspectives on the recipe creation process. Terry made me feel slightly less luddite-esque that I use an old-school reporter’s flip notebook and a pen to create my recipes, so there’s that.

the little foxes dreena burton ashlee piper vida vegan con recipes

dreena burton + me. a hasty photo full of love.

4:00 pm: By this point, I was kind of exhausted, so I took a knee in the Expo room and chilled with some cool ones. You might know them [Name-drop warning]: JL from JL Goes Vegan, Sayward from Bonzai Aphrodite, Bianca from Vegan Crunk (who, incidentally, is pals with my college ex – small world), and Tess from The Blender Girl. Then, as if it appeared out of nowhere, I hugged Jasmin Singer and Veggie Grill brought all of this tasty stuff for us to eat. And it was awesome.

the little foxes sayward rebhal jl fields jasmin singer vida vegan con

jl, sayward, + jasmin, all in the same photo. all unsuspecting of said photo.

7:00 pm: There was a Pop-Up that night at Herbivore (which is amazing), but we skipped it in favor of meeting up with my high school friends, Lauren (who is a master bartender, formerly of Millennium and Portobello, and now making magic at The White Owl) and Nolan (who is a Naturopathic Physician and a totally hilarious asshole). Lauren, who also hosts the Vegan Supper Club in Portland (which is epic), was our gracious docent and guided us to Departure at the top of the Nines hotel. At this point I wish I had taken a moment from my wine and chatting to snap pics of the insane food here. I didn’t. But rest assured, it was exquisite. So good, in fact, that the vegan royalty (Isa, etc…) were dining just feet away for Laura Beck’s (of Vegansaurus) birthday. So, that must mean it’s good.

12:00 am: We capped off the night with a trip to The White Owl for strong, artisan drinks crafted by Lauren and some photobooth time. The rest, is drunken slumber, as they say….

the little foxes ashlee piper vegan recipes style vegetarian vida vegan con


VVC Day Two – Saturday

9:00 am: You know when you’ve had a lot of “fun” (i.e. drank a bit too much) and you just want to sleep forever? That happened on Saturday morning, but we pried ourselves out of bed because VVC had an INCREDIBLE Portland Vegan Breakfast Showcase poppin’ at 8am, and you know how grabby vegans can be. In the expo room were rows and rows of gorgeous vegan brekkie fare. A.N.D. Cafe, Back to Eden Bakery, Blackheart Bagels, Cinnamon, Divine Pie, Portland Juice Press, Portobello Vegan Trattoria, Raw Potential, Sizzle Pie, and White Owl Social Club all had such super delish offerings. I majorly pigged out on a Sizzle Pie pizza slice with cashew basil sauce, smoky soy curls, and pineapple. It was incredible. All of it was incredible. Vegan Cuts also had these ADORABLE little wooden animal necklaces they were showing (but not selling, YET). I die.

the little foxes vegan recipes style vegetarian ashlee piper vegan cuts


9:30 am: Then I moseyed to the ever-entertaining Fran Costigan’s workshop on Doing Kick Ass Cooking Classes + Demos. I need this, since I’ll be doing more of these this year (yay!) and Fran is the kind of funny, loveable, chic, cool chick you’d love to have as your mentor. If you don’t know her, she’s kind of the biggest deal in vegan desserts and chocolate ever. If they ever make a movie of my life, I want Fran Costigan to be my mother-in-law (I don’t have a MIL, but how fun would that be?), and we could go on zany adventures.

the little foxes ashlee piper fran costigan vida vegan con recipes style vegetarian

fran + ashlee – friends with glasses.

11:15 am: Uh oh, last night’s escapades were getting to me (I am the biggest waste of a conference, I tell ya…), so I again hung out in the Expo Room. Some might say this is lame, but really, this is where the networking happens. For instance, I got to meet the AWESOMESAUCE Heather from SporkFoods who was building delicious bagel sammies at the Go Veggie! table. She and her boyfriend, Joshua, are the cutest little fashionable rays of LA sunshine you’d ever want to meet. Here’s photographic evidence that I wasn’t just goofing off:

sporkfoods ashlee piper the little foxes vida vegan con go veggie recipes style vegetarian

fun buns!

12:15 pm: Lunch was served and we got to build our own bowls of deliciousness. Every vegan likes building their own bowl, as evidenced by a line that rivaled that of Moses leading his people. Vegans were seen painstakingly crafting their bowls. I stood in line with the ubergorgeous model and blogger, Emily or My Kind of Life (she’s my kind of people) and I got to meet Megan of The Opinioness of the World (my Boston spirit animal). Hilarity ensued.

1:15 pm: Then there was this Vegan Battle Royale thing, which was cool. Many of us were called up to participate, including yours truly. When challenged to rattle off 15 vegan blogs in 30 seconds, I kinda crushed it. And yeah, I may have named some of you in the process (you’re welcome. payment is accepted up front). I think there were even moments of me doing Ace Ventura-like dance moves and triumphantly saying, “I’m Ashlee Piper and I know all your blogs!” I felt like I was in the Hunger Games, except, I wasn’t going to die. The lovely Ty of Camera Phone Vegan played my eyes as I participated in a blind taste test. That pesky Isa Chandra Moskowitz won, but we were all pretty off the mark (it was persimmon, not tamarind, you assholes). I won cool stuff. It was great.

vegan battle royale vida vegan con ashlee piper the little foxes recipes vegetarian

i guess dad was right – i do stand with my hands on my hips all the time [photo courtesy of veggie girl].

2:30 pm: I wish I could say that I went to more workshops, but I didn’t. I went home to nap and get ready for the gala later that night.

8:00 pm: Kyla and I roll up to a beautiful place in a part of town where our taxi driver tells us all the “good strip clubs” are located. Good to know, I guess. The venue is gorgeous and full of booze, food samples (Miyoko’s cheese and a So Delicious build your own sundae bar), and good tunes (spun by Melisser of Cruelty Free Face). We drank. We ate. We danced a lot. I made new friends, namely Dawn of Vegan Moxie, Amy of Heart Shaped Sky, Christy of The Blissful Chef, and other wonderful people who are and are not bloggers.

the little foxes vegan vegetarian recipes style ashlee piper vida vegan con

all we do is take pics in cabs.

10:30 pm: We went to karaoke with Melisser and the Texas delegation. Ross from Texas sang Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls,” (which is straight-up country shit that makes my heart overflow with joy). Emily sang the Dixie Chicks. Kelly sang Miley Cyrus. Kerry, Kyla, and I sang Sinatra’s “Chicago,” because we’re cheesy like that. I sang some tunes. There is photographic evidence of this:

karaoke melisser elliot ashlee piper the little foxes vida vegan conkaraoke melisser elliot ashlee piper the little foxes vida vegan con

we’re singing ‘like a prayer,’ in case you need to know for your scrapbook. there were lots of moves busted.

VVC Day Three – Sunday

11:15 am: Reluctantly rise from bed and go to the conference. Eat Veggie Grill. Feel sicky. Go to Terry Hope Romero’s Recipe Creation seminar, if only to get a pic with her and tell her that she’s my spirit animal. Done.

terry hope romero ashlee piper the little foxes vida vegan con 90's recipes vegetarian

weren’t the 90’s amazing?

12:30 pm: Eat lunch with Demetrius, my homie from Vegucated and Vegan Mashup, Jason of Super Vegan, and other cool peeps and then book it to see a bit of Portland.

2:00 pm: After a harrowing time trying to get a cab to take us to Herbivore, we finally succeed. We browse nice things. I eat a snack. Ross crashes our party because he’s a stalker.

vegan the little foxes ashlee piper recipes style vegetarian

iced coffee + a derby bar at sweetpea baking company. delish.

3:00 pm: Pretty, right? BAD IDEA. I start feeling WAY sicky. And, in reality, I only had three glasses of wine the night before, which is not a lot over a six hour period. I’m just a lightweight. I go back to the hotel room to lament my fate as Kyla peruses Powell’s Books. When I wake up, I feel better and eat lots of the stuff in my swag bag, like Allison’s Gourmet Toffees (amazing), Earth Balance Puffs, and Surf Sweets. All so delicious. Perhaps this is how I got a stomach ache in the first place? WILL I NEVER LEARN?

7:00 pm: We ate some food and started packing (do you see a recurring theme, here?). Yes, that’s lame. But we had an amazing time, and best of all, we met incredible people whom we usually only ogle at online. I truly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you bloggin’ fools. I also left with a lot of motivation to do some new things, pride in the career of blogging (it’s hard, rewarding, wonderful work), and a great feeling of community. Belonging is important, and it’s marvelous to belong to such a kick ass crew.

…And I had to get back to this doodlebug, the guy, and the red elder dog:

the little foxes ashlee piper banjo shelter dog vegan vegetarian recipes style

banjo slept so long, she didn’t even know i’d gone. she’s like the rip van winkle of dogs.

Janessa, Michelle, and Jess, you ladies outdid yourselves and made VVC2013 an amazing time. There are rumors that it might be in Chicago next year. If that’s the case, you can all count on me being there, being tipsy, being silly (and maybe even showin’ you around my fair city). Thanks, all and much love!

– – – –

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  • The Savvy Sister

    You got to meet Isa???You lucky bitch!
    You gals look gawjus…just sayin.
    I’ll have to catch this partay next year! Thanks for the blow by blow…I feel like I was there!

    • The Little Foxes

      Do you also feel like you drank a bottle of wine? Because in re-reading that post, it sounds like that’s all I did. Next year, girl, if it’s in Chicago, count on me showing you my hood. XO

      • The Savvy Sister

        I’m hitting the windy city next weekend for a plant-based cooking demo by a master vegan chef….do you want in?

      • The Little Foxes

        In Chicago? Who’s the master vegan chef and where is this badass cooking demo? Usually I’m down! Email me the deets, girl: thelilfoxes[at]

  • Dianne

    I can attest to the fact that we did meet in person. I’m kinda kicking myself to not taking more pictures with people. Next time! xoxo

    • The Little Foxes

      Thanks for vouching for me. Half my readers think I’m full of shit anyway. 😀 Mo’ pictures next time for sure.

  • An Unrefined Vegan

    Oh come on now! You couldn’t POSSIBLY have done all of that!! Mamo-scammo that sounds like a huge blast. I don’t care where it’s being held next year, I’m there. You can introduce me to all of your new fancy friends.

    • The Little Foxes

      Annie, you’re my fancy friend. <3

  • Tearei Locke

    Love your write-up!! I had so much fun, and yes, Terry Hope Romero is now one of my faves as well :)

    • The Little Foxes

      Next time, Tearei, we’re gonna party hearty.

  • Emily Nolan

    So adorable!!! Impressed you remembered so much of the trip and loved all the fab deets that passed me by! You are too much. LOL like five times over!!! XO

    • The Little Foxes

      Let’s just be in love…

  • Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Whoa. I’m friends your college ex?! Have we had this conversation?

    Also, it was AWESOME meeting you. And next time, we’re doing shots. K?

    • The Little Foxes

      Yep, Dan Ullucci was my college boyfriend. 😉 But few people own up to that. Ha!

      And shots are happening next time I see you, FOR SURE.

  • Richa

    really wow.. that is a load of stuff and so much name dropping! i would be so star struck and all the peeps will remember me as the jumpy person who squeezed the air out of each of them with tight hugs!

    • The Little Foxes

      I know, right? The name-dropping is kind of obnoxious, but it’s more shouting out great people and blogs and giving them additional exposure (not like they need it, but…). Next year, Richa, we will HUG IT OUT.

  • lazysmurf

    I think you still made it to more panels than me and definitely more breakfasts! There wasn’t enough time to do everything! I kept wanting to meet you and I never did ever since we faced off at the Battle Royale!!! Hi! Visit us in Austin!!!!!!

    • The Little Foxes

      OMG, that was you. We’re special. I wish we had spent more time together, BUT (1) Now I am connected to your gorgeous blog, (2) There’s always next year, and (3) I’ll hopefully make it down to Austin this year (going to a wedding in Dallas in October and the beau + I were thinkin’ of road trippin’ to Austin).

  • Lisa

    Wow, it looks like you had an incredible time! Im so sad I dont live closer to Portland :( I cant get over all the amazing food and free goodies!

    • The Little Foxes

      Next year, babycakes. NEXT YEAR.

  • ameyfm

    what a great post!! so much to recap – it’s just crazy. I was really stoked to meet you, Ashlee!!! Your 15 blogs in 30 seconds will go down in VeganBattleRoyale history!!!!

    • The Little Foxes

      Amey, I <3 you. And the little Cook Booklette is such a bright spot. I love it!

  • Christy Morgan (@TheBlissfulChef)

    It was so nice to meet both you and Kyla. I like your style ladies! Guess I’ll be seeing you when you come visit Kyla in Austin next year! :)

    • The Little Foxes

      Christy! (1) I remedied the poor misspelling of your name. Sorry ’bout that. (2) I’ll likely hit up Austin in October when I am in Dallas for a wedding. Let’s connect and paint the town!

  • Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack!

    I love this entire post!! Also, I loved your and Melisser’s rendition of Like a Prayer. Hopefully my “singing” of Total Eclipse of the Heart didn’t hurt your ears too badly!

    • The Little Foxes

      It didn’t hurt my ears. It delighted me. ALSO, why did it take me a MILLION YEARS to realize that you run Vegan Tack Attack? I’ve loved your blog for so long, which basically means that I’ve loved you for so long. That’s all.

  • kittee

    So glad I got to meet you Ashlee! Your visit to PDX was super epic, on behalf of the vegan city of your dreams, we wish you a speedy return.

  • veganperks

    Love the post! It’s like I was there! :-) Thanks for sharing! I will up in Chicago for Veggie Fest. I’m hoping to meetup with a few veggie peeps. Maybe I will see you there!

    • The Little Foxes

      Hi! When is Chicago Veggie Fest (bad vegan.)? I would love to hang witchu. Gimme a buzz, silly, and I’ll show ya around the vegan hot spots (if you want – 617-nine01-zero256). Do you like how I tried to lamely code that to avoid spammers? Ha!

      • veganperks

        Haha! Love it! The Veggie Fest is August 10th and 11th. Awesome! I will get in touch with you when we are there. I am so excited! :-)

      • The Little Foxes

        YES! Call me, boo.

      • veganperks

        :-) Oh and I just posted your giveaway! *high-fives herself*

      • The Little Foxes

        THANK YOU! You are rockin’ my world right now.

  • Hannah (BitterSweet)

    Aw, you’re far too kind! I was so happy to meet you- It doesn’t matter if we had only spoken once before, I could simply tell you were a sweetheart, and it looks like I was right. :) Awesome recap of the event overall, I’m amazed at how you could recall every last detail! I feel like I’m right back in Portland just by reading through the post.

    • The Little Foxes

      Aw, thanks Hannah. You’re cool. If you’re ever in Chicago, HIT ME UP.

  • Kristina

    did you meet spabettie, I hear she is from Portland. just kitchen’

    D’OH, WHHHHHYYYYY did I miss karaoke!!? (it. is. my. favorite.)

    and Departure. one of my favorites, we love it there.

    • The Little Foxes

      Yeah, I met her. And she is like, a total witch.

      I KID. Kristina, do you know what happened here? I had you mentioned and linked next to Attune Foods and when I wrongly hyperlinked them and deleted, I accidentally deleted my mention of you. This is a damn shame, because you’re a favorite. So, I’ve amended and mentioned you. And here’s my number: 617.ninezeroone.0256, so we never miss a karaoke beat together. Ever. Again. <3

      • spabettie

        you didn’t have to do that, I was being totally serious in my kidding. (what a witch). your number is recorded. you may get random calls while I AM singing karaoke (what’s the time difference – I have my own karaoke machine so there’s no last call at my house – I LAUGH in the face of last call).


      • The Little Foxes

        This is exactly the outcome I was hoping for. I love late-night karaoke prank calls, especially if Seal’s Kiss from a Rose is the song being sung. (HINT).

  • kittee

    my first post got eaten! i’m so glad we met, and i’m so glad you got so many pictures. i don’t think i got any pics with new friends! i barely took pics of anything at all–too many distractions and too many nerves.

    • The Little Foxes

      Both posts are alive and well! Wheeee! Too many nerves? Kittee, you were the epitome of good hostessing. Everyone felt welcomed and happy when you were around. Thanks so much for being sutured up, cute as a button you.

  • Kylie

    Your blog-listing in the Battle Royale was truly impressive. In every way.

    • The Little Foxes

      KYLIE! How did I not meet you at VVC? Or did we meet and I was in a drunken state? I think I would remember that purdy face.

      • Kylie

        Aw, thanks :)
        I’m a little shy, and live in Portland and had to deal with my kids so I didn’t do a lot of the socializing outside of workshops. Wish I had! Looks like a blast!

      • The Little Foxes

        Well, now we know one another. Don’t be a stranger, foxy mama!

      • Kylie


  • Somer

    Seriously dying with jealously. I forgive you for missing the tuesday cookie, but only if you take me with you next year. So much love and awesomeness in this post!

    • The Little Foxes

      Somer, you can practically stay on my couch if VVC is in Chi next year. You’ll just have to share with Banjo…

  • carrieonvegan

    Ashlee, you’re adorbs and I love your re-cap. Thank you for introducing yourself to me, it was great to meet you. And, you have great eyebrows. Hugs!!! :)

  • Tashina Combs (@logicalharmony)

    I am SO glad that we got to meet and SO so sad because I just realized we never got a picture together. :(

    • The Little Foxes

      Me too! I loved loved loved meeting you, sweet thang!

  • luminousvegans

    I am sorry that we didn’t get a chance to meet! I loved your post on the event..had me reliving everything and laughing at the same time. I am already looking forward to the next one.

    • The Little Foxes

      I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet, either. Next time, that’ll be us kicking back drinks and singing songs. 😉

  • theblendergirl

    It was so lovely to meet you. What a fun weekend, and what a fabulous post. Thanks for the mention. I can’t wait to connect with you at future events.

    • The Little Foxes

      Thanks, Tess! Great meeting you, too!

  • goodstorysarah

    I don’t know how I never stumbled across your blog until now! I read “Oh, you don’t know her? Go fuck yourself. Just kidding (sort of)” and I fell in love!

    I’m a stingy and didn’t want to spend that much on a VVC ticket. Total regret now!

    • The Little Foxes

      Thank you so much for the awesome comment! You sound like a darn cool person!

  • Sophie33

    What a great & super event! You met so many wonderful other vegan bloggers & you met Terry Hope Romero! I have 2 books of her & she rocks! xxxThanks for sharing your wonderful days with us!

    • The Little Foxes

      Thanks, Soph. Terry Hope Romero is like, the neatest. I truly do have a lady crush on her after finally meeting her. :) You should come next year! I hear it *might* be in my hood of Chicago!

      • Sophie33

        Yes, but it is expensive for me because I live in Belgium!

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